U of MI calls for students to spy on other students and then snitch (video)


The University of Michigan has established bias response teams who call for students to spy on other students and report them for bias. The ‘bias’ doesn’t have to be something aimed at the snitch, it could be something they overheard. This is the kind of thing Hitler’s Germany did.

A lawsuit against the University of Michigan is the first in the U.S. to challenge the constitutionality of Bias Response Teams.

These teams often censor students and chill speech. Punishments can range from censoring to retraining to expulsion.

‘”he most important indication of bias is your own feelings,” the University of Michigan advises students. It then urges them to report on their peers, anonymously if they prefer, “and to encourage others to report if they have been the target or witness of a bias incident,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

These vigilantes then mete out judgments.

More than 200 campuses have administrative offices to investigate ‘bias’ that violates no law. The accusers only need to ‘feel’ its bias. If you don’t accept these teams, you will still be judged and punished. Students have no rights.

That doesn’t sound like America, does it?

It’s a serious threat to free speech.

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