U.S. Arming Hard-Line Islamic Terrorists in Syria


Using information from the NY Times, WaPo editorial writer, Marc Thiessen, uncovered a lie and a coverup of far greater magnitude than Fast & Furious or Benghazi-gate.

The Obama administration’s failed foreign policy is exploding throughout the world. We have a far more dangerous Middle East since the U.S. intervened. Egypt is now an Islamic theocracy. Libya is in danger of falling to al-Qaida. Obama’s spurring of the Libyan War went on without any regard for the elimination of al-Qaida forces. Tunisia, Mali, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Yemen are all becoming more dangerous by the day.

According to the NY Times, most of the arms we are shipping to Syria via our “allies” such as Saudi Arabia are going to arm hard-line Islamic Jihadists.

President Obama and other senior officials, which presumably includes Joe Biden, are aware that this is happening according to classified documents apparently read by NY Times writers. In fact, terrorists have been telling reporters that they are receiving U.S. arms.

Unless the Obama administration’s purpose is to arm violent Jihadists, who seek the destruction of Israel and the U.S., it would seem that our government’s efforts to aid free forces are failing miserably.

The administration is still trying to figure it out while the arms flow unabated. These are the same people who are afraid of U.S. citizens and sportsmen buying revolvers and rifles.

Mitt Romney has said he would ensure that arms reach the appropriate rebels in Syria. He did not say the U.S. government would provide the arms and it is unclear how he would handle this situation.

The Obama administration still doesn’t know what went on during the Benghazi attack even though they followed it in real time so I don’t have a lot of faith that they will handle this Syrian disaster expeditiously.

Saudi Arabia has a history of working against our interests. They have armed our enemies in the past so it is perplexing as to why the administration didn’t foresee this.

Marc Thiessen pointed out in his editorial piece yesterday that Joe Biden said during last week’s debate the U.S. was isolating al-Qaida in Syria by making certain all “aid” fell into the proper hands.

Biden pontificated:

“We are working hand and glove with the Turks, with the Jordanians, with the Saudis, and with all the people in the region attempting to identify the people who deserve the help so that when Assad goes — and he will go — there will be a legitimate government that follows on, not an al-Qaeda-sponsored government that follows on.”

Paul Ryan challenged Biden stating that this administration’s inaction has given al-Qaida a foothold in Syria. Biden then denied it and said the administration is making sure all help and training is going to free forces in Syria.

It is unlikely he didn’t know at the time of the debate that most of the arms we send are going to Jihadists.

Obama’s foreign policy is amateurish and he was unprepared. He is also not very transparent.

Read Mr. Thiessen’s article at WaPo.

Megyn Kelly, Fox News:


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