U.S. Flees Libya After Obama Spread ‘Tranquility’ Throughout the Country


Libya is a failed state with intense fighting taking place among competing Islamic militias including the Muslim Brotherhood and a general who hopes to free his country from Ansar al-Sharia.

This entire situation is Obama’s fault though he thinks he’s spreading “tranquility.”


Barack Obama accepting the Nobel Peace Prize.

“There have been a number of situations in which you’ve seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way that has substantially furthered American interests and substantially improved the, you know, the tranquility of the global community,” Josh Earnest said mid-July.

Among the many nations to profit from this Obama inflicted ‘tranquility” is Libya which he went to war with the approval of the U.N. and without the approval from Congress in violation of the War Powers Act.

The law is meaningless to Mr. Obama. He picks and chooses which ones he will enforce.

We evacuated the last remaining U.S. personnel in Tripoli, Libya early this morning under protective air support provided by U.S. warplanes and spy aircraft.

The Muslim Brotherhood won the most recent elections – possibly through fraud – and some militias are attempting to dislodge them. General Haftar is fighting a war against Ansar al-Sharia, which is an al-Qaida “sympathizer.”

The U.S. under Obama toppled the admittedly-insane leader Muammar Gaddafi who was, however, working with the U.S. to rid the country of Al Qaeda and who had no beef with Israel. The American people were lied to when we were told he was going to massacre innocents in Benghazi. He never made any such move – it was bluster – and the ‘innocents’ were Al Qaeda.

We replaced his dictatorship with a weak puppet government and insisted they include the terrorist group, The Muslim Brotherhood, in the government.

The conditions in the capital of Tripoli have deteriorated and much of the fighting is taking place in the capital. General Haftar is concentrating most of his fighting in Tripoli.

The West portrays Haftar as a ‘renegade general’ who is ‘causing upheaval’, characterizations which he does not appreciate. He says he is not rebelling against the state because there is no state.

The U.S. and Europe heavily criticize him but little is said against the brutal Islamic extremists, the Muslim Brotherhood and Ansara al-Sharia, known to be an Al Qaeda affiliate.

General Haftar

General Khalifa Haftar who is trying to free Libya from Islamic extremist militias.

To digress for a moment, the use of the terms “affiliate”, “offshoot”, “sympathizers” of Al Qaeda and so on, is absurd and meant to deceive. They are all the same people. Most answer to al-Zawahiri but whether they do not is irrelevant. They are violent jihadists who want the Middle East to become an Islamic caliphate under Sharia law. Most seek the destruction of Israel and all Western life and values.

Embassy personnel were taken to temporary offices in neighboring Tunisia with security provided by U.S. forces. Spokes woman Marie Harf said the embassy is not closed but operations were temporarily suspended.

It’s only temporary, the disingenuous spokesperson assures us.

“Due to the ongoing violence resulting from clashes between Libyan militias in the immediate vicinity of the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, we have temporarily relocated all of our personnel out of Libya,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said in a statement.

Hillary Obama

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at the funeral of the murdered men of Benghazi.

Libya is  a Hillary success as well as Obama’s. Benghazi was mis-portrayed. The deceit fostered by both to help Obama win re-election was noticed in Libya and around the world. It made the U.S. look weak and evil.