This Is Sick – Our U.S. Navy Is Facing Severe Consequences Over Green Energy Schemes


Our Navy is the same size as it was in 1916 but it will be”sustainable” by 2025. The United States is spending billions in tax dollars on biofuels that in the end are energy neutral and will have expended a large portion of the defense budget.

Jay Lehr

Dr. Jay Lehr

At last week’s 10th International Conference on Climate Change in Washington, D.C. Jay Lehr, Ph.D., the science director at The Heartland Institute, discussed some of the unbelievable expenditures for green energy and products that are rendering our Navy ineffective.

“The money that we are spending in this manner is going to reduce our weaponry and reduce our ability to protect our fighting men and women, and it is entirely disgraceful,” Lehr said.

During the lecture, Lehr said that the Secretary of the Navy mandated half of the navy fleet’s fuel has to be renewable biofuel. He gave an example of how they used 450,000 gallons of biofuel at a cost of $27 a gallon but in the Air Force back up to the Navy, they used jet fuel that cost $424 dollars a gallon. It was made from algae and from waste, fat and grease from restaurants. Normal alcohol-based jet fuel runs from $57 to $67 a gallon.

The plan by the navy secretary is to have a U.S. Navy transformed into a “Green Navy” that will cost $1.9 billion in alternative fuels alone by 2020.  That’s the cost of a new destroyer which we desperately need.

Lehr said we are unable to drill in the Arctic area of Alaska. Greenpeace has been able to stop any efforts to drill. However, Russia is drilling in the area because we are not there and we have no military presence there to stop them. China is branching out in the South China Sea. There is no response to Russia or China from the United States.

Former naval officers want the administration to stop saddling the military with renewables. It drains money and resources from defense personnel and equipment which has the potential for “severe consequences.”

Admiral Thomas B. Hayward, Vice Admiral Edward S. Briggs, and Captain Donald K. Forbes wrote a report for the Heartland Institute, “Climate Change, Energy Policy, and National Power” which demonstrates how the Obama administration is weakening national defense and slowing economic progress by “prioritizing expensive renewable energy sources that siphon vital economic resources from both.”

“This initiative reflects the Administration’s relentless pursuit of alternative fuels through subsidization while ignoring the reality of the burgeoning fossil fuel resource that is cost-effective, plentiful, and essential to our military forces,” state the veterans.

Lehr and Taylor

Jay Lehr and Robert Taylor

During the conference, James Taylor, Vice President, External Relations for Heartland, listed the facts that are being ignored and the false basis of the alleged crisis that is being asserted. His lecture begins at about 29:00 on the mark on the video linked below.

Taylor said that solar and wind projects are three to five times the cost of fossil fuels and they will keep us from developing an effective military. This failing renewable energy program is coming out of the Defense budget even though the impact is mostly negative.

Instead of defending the nation, 25% of the energy used will come from costly renewable schemes by 2025. This demonstrates no regard for the purpose of the Navy or what is needed for defense. SEIA is praising it because they’re the ones making the money off it.

25 percent of energy

There is a machine (photo below) that turns trash into electricity which the Obama administration wants used.

machine they are supposed to cart around

Taylor asked how important is it that the military on a battlefield burn their trash through a trash into electricity machine in the midst of incoming fire. Even if a little bit of electricity comes out of this after a long, complicated process, who is going to cart this around?

trash into electricity

The Navy awarded a $2.7 million to a company in Montana for camelina-based fuel which gives another example of the waste in this climate change scheme.

economics of biofuel

Looking at it more closely, Taylor said, one discovers that half of the fuel comes from conventional fuel and the camelina portion costs $135 a gallon which is coming out of the defense budget, money that should be used for soldiers salaries, for R&D of new weaponry, and so on. It’s also more inefficient. Over the lifecycle, it equals traditional fuel in energy usage.

The National Research Council in 2012 reported that to meet even 5% of our fuel for transportation needs would produce unsustainable demands.

Making fuel from algae and other biofuels takes as much energy as conventional fuels – it’s an energy-neutral process.  It also uses 4 gallons of water for one gallon of biofuel. In terms of nutrients to meet this 5% demand, we’d have to double our use of nutrients which environmentalists say is damaging our environment.

Another problem is that the United States produces enough fuel to cover our needs but going to solar would require us to go to China for our materials.

We’re also wasting money that is supposed to go to our vets but instead is going on solar schemes while veterans are not getting the care they need.

wasted money

The following slide shows a claim made by Barack Obama. The most interesting part of this is that the source for that is Time Magazine 1974!

Obama's claim

On May 20, in his remarks to the United States Coast Guard Academy commencement, Barack Obama actually told the Coast Guard grads that “it is a dereliction of duty” for them to ignore this alleged problem of climate change.

The mainstream media praised the speech which is in effect a threat. Dereliction of duty has severe consequences including but not limited to a court martial.

Senator Whitehouse wants to prosecute global warming deniers under the RICO Act and our Coast Guard cadets are being threatened with prosecution if they deny it.

In the same speech, Mr. Obama insinuated what we’ve heard hinted at by John Kerry – terrorism is caused by climate change. Specifically, he said, “…climate change did not cause the conflicts we see around the world. Yet what we also know is that severe drought helped to create the instability in Nigeria that was exploited by the terrorist group Boko Haram.”

It’s nonsense of course.

The bureaucracy doesn’t speak for the scientists. The American Meteorological Society is the only agency that has done an in-depth exploration of what scientists are actually saying about a human-caused global warming crisis. When asked if global warming was a a scam, nearly 50% thought it was a scam. Despite this, we are being told the science is decided and our military is being sacrificed at the altar of biofuels.

Our military has been politicized. The entire movement is politicized. The pope thinks he’s the president of the United States or a scientist and is jumping in on the conversation to sway Catholics throughout the world, making it into a moral issue.

People must start speaking up.

You can listen to the lecture here and more workshops here.

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  1. There is also some kind of joint exercise involving our fleet in the pacific rim to station materials and supplies at various locations to prepare for the upcoming upheaval and turmoil in the Pacific area which will occur as a result of………wait for it…… you know what it is? Sure you do. Climate change.

  2. It’s stunning how Obama and company get away with this crap.
    It’s only because of the major media and the limp-wrist Congress.
    One can’t tell the difference anymore between Democrats and Republicans. In reality there is no difference. They have the same goals … just different methods of achieving them.

  3. The absurdity of using biofuels is just another example of trashing the military and driving the U.S. further into debt, a la Cloward/Piven.

    I have little faith in an honest election in 2016. The time to stop Obama is now.

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