U.S. Navy SEAL Critiques Iran Nuclear Deal


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Cong Ryan Zinke, Cdr-USN (Ret) (SEAL) Critiques A Very Dangerous Iranian Nuclear Weapons Agreement


“The Iranian nuclear deal is perhaps the greatest national security mistake of our time and represents a clear and present danger to America and our allies.   In just 13 years, the deal would give Iran as many as 100 ICBMs capable of destroying every city in America.“

By entering into this International Iranian Nuclear Weapons Agreement Obama is setting the US up to have 100 Iranian ICBM missiles, topped with nuclear weapons, to be aimed at 100 US cities.  Only Democrats in the US Senate are voting for the most dangerous agreement in history of the Republic.  No other US President would have ever agreed to the provisions in that agreement that doesn’t allow for independent inspections of nuclear weapons development.  Over 200 Flag and General Officers have asked Obama not to agree to the Iranian inspection provisions, and oppose the agreement..

Those Democrat Senators are knowingly putting the US in the nuclear cross hairs of the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, a country that has been murdering thousands of Americans for the last 35 years, a country that says every single week publically that it intend to destroy Israel and the United States.

The primary responsibility of an American President is to protect and defend the lives of every Americans.  Unfortunately the extremely dangerous agreement entered into by the occupant in the Oval Office is threatening the lives of the children and grandchildren of every American citizen.

Obama’s actions in facilitating Iran to develop nuclear weapons, to develop Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs), and be able to aim those nuclear tipped missiles at US cities, can only be accurately described as treacherous and bordering on insanity.  Every American should contact their Senators and Congressional Representative to demand that they take immediate action to oppose this, the most dangerous National Security threat that the Republic has ever been faced with in its 239 year history.

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