U.S. Senate Panel Investigating Possible Interference by Obama Administration In Israeli Elections



A bipartisan investigation in the Senate is probing the possibility that the Obama administration is assisting the campaign to oust Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The probe is looking into “funding” by the OneVoice Movement – a Washington-based group that has received $350,000 in recent State Department grants.

The Democrats and the Republicans of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations have signed off, according to Fox News.

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This follows Netanyahu telling Israel’s Channel Two television station this week that there were “governments” that wanted to help with the “Just Not Bibi” campaigning — Bibi being the Israeli leader’s nickname.

It also follows reports that the Obama administration is planning a nuke deal with Iran without going through Congress and bringing it to the U.N. for approval.

The Obama administration wants a weak Israeli government that will appease the murderous terror groups who hope to destroy Israel.

Netanyahu is currently lagging behind in the polls. The economy is weak and an Obama intrusion into the elections could tip the scales in favor of the leftist candidate.