U.S. Spies Colluded with Russians to Buy Dirt on Trump, Cyberweapons


Update: A CIA spokesperson said the story of them being bilked is “fictional”. Read the update here.

The New York Times might have put a story out this evening, in a Friday night dump, to get ahead of what could be explosive information.

The U.S. Spies Lost 100 Grand

Last year, in September, the Times wrote, a shadowy Russian bilked American spies out of $100,000…promising to deliver stolen National Security Agency cyberweapons in a deal that he insisted would also include compromising material on President Trump, according to American and European intelligence officials.

The attempt to purchase this material began in April 2017. This wheeling and dealing with the “shadowy Russian” went on from April to September.

In other words, after Trump became president, intelligence officials were dealing with known Russian criminals/possible former spies, attempting to get compromising material on him, although the article claims they didn’t really want it. They wanted other stuff. They did this from April until at least September. The New York Times was also involved. Hillary’s political fixer was also mentioned.


The article claims the real intention was to get stolen secrets back, including cyberweapons and the computer code for the weapons, belonging to the N.S.A. and C.I.A.

According to the Times, they were also promised a video of Mr. Trump consorting with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room in 2013, according to American and European officials and the Russian, who agreed to be interviewed in Germany only on condition of anonymity. There remains no evidence that such a video exists.

The New York Times says that the spies made it clear they didn’t want the Trump material:

Several American intelligence officials said they made clear that they did not want the Trump material from the Russian — who was suspected of having murky ties to Russian intelligence and to Eastern European cybercriminals. He claimed the information would link the president and his associates to Russia. But instead of providing the hacking tools, the Russian produced unverified and possibly fabricated information involving Mr. Trump and others, including bank records, emails, and purported Russian intelligence data.

Is it believable that they weren’t after the Trump material and “made clear they did not want” it?

The Russian is known to have ties to Russian intelligence and cybercriminals, according to the article written by Matthew Rosenberg.

They delivered the $100K in cash and then backed out. The $100K in tax dollars was lost to Russians.

The spies cut out of the deal allegedly because they were also fearful of political fallout in Washington if they were seen to be buying scurrilous information on the president.

According to the Times: The N.S.A. even used its official Twitter account nearly a dozen times to send coded messages to the Russian.

In other words, the N.S.A. was colluding with Russians to get anti-Trump dirt, although they claim it wasn’t their intent.


The Russian(s) was anxious to give the spies the video of Trump with Russian prostitutes and dropped the price to only a million dollars from ten million. The Russian showed the spies a video clip of a man with prostitutes but they couldn’t make out who the man was.

But they didn’t want the video? It was the Russian pushing the video on them?


The Times bought four documents from the same people. How did the anti-Trump newspaper get involved?

The material purported to be Russian intelligence reports, and each focuses on associates of Mr. Trump. Carter Page, the former campaign adviser who has been the focus of F.B.I. investigators, features in one; Robert and Rebekah Mercer, the billionaire Republican donors, in another.

Almost all of it came from newspaper accounts.


The Times also discusses Hillary’s political fixer who has been crisscrossing Europe trying to get the alleged video or any dirt on Trump. The Times wrote:

Cody Shearer, an American political operative with ties to the Democratic Party, has been crisscrossing Eastern Europe for more than six months to secure the purported kompromat from a different Russian, said people familiar with the efforts, speaking on the condition of anonymity to avoid damaging their relationship with him.

Reached by phone late last year, Mr. Shearer would say only that his work was “a big deal — you know what it is, and you shouldn’t be asking about it.” He then hung up.

It’s all very suspicious.

Sean Hannity claims even more explosive information than the Senate and House committee memos will soon come out. Is this an attempt by the NY Times to protect the guilty?

Their report followed one by The Intercept.

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5 years ago

NOW WE KNOW WHY Agencies do not want to reveal “sources and methods”. The more we learn the more we find out our Intelligence is sorely lacking. We’d be better off with Maxwell Smart, Agent 86.

I’ll just bet this was ALL ABOUT Trump and the cyber-weapons is just a cover-story. A cyber-weapon is essentially “software”. What is to be gained with that. I’ll also bet this was coordinated with the Investigating Committees And Mueller. They have ALL said all avenues will be pursued, and this is another. Another bet – what is the chance this person was a “source” in the original Steele Dossier, since there Was some contact with investigators.

Was this Russian Sacha Baron Cohen.

5 years ago
Reply to  Greg

Yes the NSA cyber weapons are a cover. Such items would sell for millions. The schemes against Trump are intelligence operations. Sure there are political roots, but the actual mechanics of the operations are intelligence (FBI, CIA, NSA, …) based.

The NYT is a tool of these operations, and must be doing damage control. They get a lot of stories first due to the connections to intelligence, it is surely not due to good reporting.