U.S. State Department Is Going to Tweet ISIS to Death



The NY Times posted a story on the 16th saying that the administration is going into countermessaging to defeat ISIS propaganda. The Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications is going to use more than 350 State Department Twitter accounts to launch a Twitter attack on ISIS!

We’re going to tweet them to death!

ISIS sends 90,000 tweets a day so the government is facing an awesome challenge.

The administration is going to work out details of the campaign during the Obama summit on terrorism this week.

A sample of their twitter campaign last year: They tweeted a picture of a young man weeping over a coffin. The message read, “How can slaughtering the innocent be the right path?” The message was accompanied with the following advice: “Think again. Turn away.”

That’ll do it! That and job opportunities should really take care of the madmen who just burned 45 people to death in al-Baghdadi, who have taken over three provinces in Libya, and who have expanded into North Africa, Asia and have taken over huge swaths of land in the Middle East.

This government’s strategy just keeps getting better and better.



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