U.S. Taxpayers Fund a Jobs for Potential Jihadis Program in Minnesota


Minnesota has a taxpayer-funded pilot program – the Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) program – which is supporting youth programs, job training, after-school programs, and mentorships for the Somali community to help prevent the youth from becoming jihadis. This includes a sworn provision by law enforcement to not engage in any form of surveillance or intelligence gathering through this program.

The solution to preventing homegrown terrorists in our government’s view is to give them jobs. It’s a take off on Marie Harf’s and John Kerry’s idea of jobs for jihadis. It’s also a way to redefine how law enforcement operates in these communities.

Most of the Muslim Somalis are opposed to this so-called anti-terror program according to Jihad Watch’s research.

It’s questionable how effective it will be. Consider the case of Abdullahi Yusuf. He was rewarded for his terrorism through this program.

Abdullahi Yusuf
Abdullahi Mohammad Yusuf

The 18 year old admitted in court that he “conspired to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization and provided material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization.”

The terrorist wannabe was going to be trained through the program to be a mentor of all things and a basketball coach – after being arrested on terrorism charges. Yusuf was sent back into custody after apparently violating rules of the halfway house. Fox reported that he had again contacted ISIS.

Back in April, about 100 Somalis in Minnesota protested the arrest of six suspected terrorists from their community, demanding their immediate released.


When the six were arrested (the total was seven eventually), U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger said, “We have a terror recruiting problem in Minnesota.” That infuriated many Somalis. There are 30,000 Somali refugees now in Minnesota, many are second generation.

They’re just “kids”, community leaders and parents say of the terrorist wannabes.

In 2012, the Somalis in Minnesota protested Minnesota banks for refusing to transfer money back home to their terrorist relatives

The protests were aimed at getting Minnesota banks to resume business with local money transfer shops, which are used by many Somali immigrants to send dollars to al-Shabaab-dominated Somalia.

The terror arrests were only the latest in a series. Minnesota has become a center for terrorist recruitment that has caused concern in the highest branches of government.

The Guardian reports that between 2008 and 2013, about 40 young men left Minneapolis to join al-Shabaab, the militant, radical Islamist insurgent group at war in Somalia. Since then, 11 people from the Twin Cities have been charged with planning to leave for Syria to join ISIS. Authorities believe ISIS has their sights set on the area. The community is allegedly becoming disillusioned with al-Shabaab but not other terrorist groups.

al shabaab
al Shabaab fighters

Earlier this year, al Shabaab threatened the bombing of the Minneapolis Mall of America via homegrown terrorists.

Cedar Riverside Plaza, Minneapolis
Cedar Riverside Plaza, Minneapolis

To stop terrorism, the liberal government is setting up this jobs program.  Throwing them in prison doesn’t work, they claim.

Obviously, it does, but that is for another article.

The Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) program is now called by its new PC name, Building Community Resilience

Too many in the Somali community were balking at being singled out as in danger of becoming radicalized. More white men commit crimes, says the community.

Many don’t trust the government and don’t want any government programs where they are involved with the community.


The attorney general is working to assuage their fears and signed a written agreement that the program will not be used for surveillance or to collect intelligence.

More than half of Somalis in Minnesota live in poverty, yet the government keeps pouring more in even though there are no jobs for them. Of Somali households in Minnesota, 34.6% are single parent, with an average family size of 4.37 people. For Somali-Americans in Minnesota younger than 25, 39% do not have a high school diploma.

Their schools have the worst or second-worst graduation rates for non-white students in the country, and the possibility of falling in with a gang or into a life of crime is high.

Whose fault is that?

Somali unemployment is high.The Somalis and our government believe that is what is fueling the jihadist sympathies. It’s not their upbringing, their Mosques, their own will to go onto the computer and communicate with jihadis, it’s the lack of jobs.

If you don’t have a job, you become a murdering, traitorous jihadi?

Somali women at Minnepolis' Nicollet Mall
Somali women at Minnepolis’ Nicollet Mall

Despite this horrendous record for Somali immigrants, more keep coming, facilitated by religious organizations who get paid to do so. Minneapolis even has in-migration. The federal Office of Ref­u­gee Resettlement com­piles partial numbers show about 2,620 total ref­u­gee ar­ri­vals from oth­er states in 2013, up from 1,835 two years earli­er — making Minnesota the state with the high­est in-mi­gra­tion by far.

They practice their own law and keep crimes secret.

All this keeps them from assimilating. We don’t have a handle on this situation.

One Somali said this:

“I came to America when I was a child, when I was seven years old. I have seen a lot of the issues that our kids are facing. You know, I have been to a classroom where I don’t understand anything,” remembered Saciido Shaie, a member of the Minnesota Juvenile Justice Advisory Council. “I don’t understand the language. I don’t understand what the teacher is asking me. I take my homework home and my mom doesn’t speak the language, doesn’t write the language. And I’m stuck with all this homework, no one is helping me, all these things. So for me going to school was going to hell.”

It’s hard to know where to begin with this. Who’s fault is this? Why do they look to others for their own salvation? This person has no sense of self-reliance and doesn’t know what hell is. Hell is Somalia.

I had a student from Mexico who was poor, completely deaf, and couldn’t speak the language. He worked hard and became an honor student. It can be done.

Minnepolis aka Little Somalia once attracted jobs but the changes in migration patterns has turned businesses away.