U.S. Taxpayers Fund Cuban Retirements in Florida


Cubans who never lived or worked in the United States retire to Florida and live off food stamps, Medicaid, and welfare. The numbers are growing and have grown five-fold since 2010. As a result, Miami-Dade is number one in elderly welfare in the nation.

Cubans have a special status and get benefits immediately, without proper screening. They simply have to say they’re refugees. That might have been a good idea after the Cuban revolution but it no longer is and it’s not necessary. They need to wait five years like everyone else because we have set up a retirement system and it’s too costly.

It’s absolutely ridiculous to pay for retirements for Cubans. Am I wrong?

It’s well known in Cuba that you come here when you are a senior. We have 90 year olds coming and we know that they cost our healthcare system a great deal.

“They’re getting cheap apartments, food stamps,” said Cuban-born attorney Pedro Fuentes-Cid of Tampa. “They tell their friends in Cuba, and they come over.”

The welfare benefits are better than pensions in Cuba which are about $7 a month.

They certainly aren’t refugees fleeing anything because they make frequent trips back home. Citizens who came from other countries originally are complaining – they can’t afford to make trips back to their countries of birth but they have to pay taxes for these fake refugees.

They get government assistance in the United States for up to seven years even if they never lived here a day and it’s longer if they become citizens.

Some move in with children or other relatives already here and receive the benefits. it doesn’t matter what their family’s incomes are. Some are making very good salaries and would never qualify for assistance.

SSI had become so popular among elderly Chinese in California that they considered it a right of immigration and viewed it nonchalantly, like getting a library card, a University of California professor testified during a 1996 welfare reform debate. Congress cut new immigrants off of SSI but made an exception for Cubans and grandfathered in some other immigrants who were already here or had long work histories in the U.S.

It’s not fair to other immigrants and it’s not fair to citizens.

We have poor and needy here and every time we support a foreigner, we take away from our people who need the help. It’s not only the elderly, read more…

Call your representative and complain!





  • So now we know where the money that should be used to help our veterans is going. Disgraceful!!! Shame on the US government, and a special shame on the rest of us for allowing this.