UC Berkeley Fights to Keep Visa Overstay in the Country


Communist Barbara Lee tweeted that she wants him released. Luis Mora can be seen with his girlfriend in this photo

If someone is born here of illegal alien parents, they are citizens. If they are brought here as youth by illegal alien parents, they will be given amnesty. If they are unaccompanied gangbanger youth, they also can stay. If they come over the border and say they’re afraid, they’re refugees who can stay. If a woman complains she’s afraid of her abusive significant other, she and her family can stay. If a person is a fearful transgender, that person can stay. If the person wins a lottery, s/he stays. If the person flees and gets temporary refugee status, knowing they must one day go home, they must be allowed to stay. If they are related to any of these people or say they are, they can stay.

Now, if UC Berkeley has their way and you’re a visa overstay, you can also stay.

An illegal alien who was studying at the University of Berkeley, California is facing deportation for overstaying his visa. He has been taken into custody by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement after being stopped at an immigration checkpoint.

He’s not a DREAMer but he has the sympathetic title “student” and his education is probably taxpayer funded, if he is even still a student.

His girlfriend sought publicity for his case and she was the impetus for students at UC Berkeley to launch a defense of the student Luis Mora.

Mora is a visa overstay who did not apply for an extension of his visa. Has he no obligation to do so? Is he even eligible. UC Berkeley doesn’t care.

The university is defending him according to a spokesperson who said they have “processes in place”, including legal assistance, to support students who are “managing immigration issues.”

The concern is does everyone get to stay no matter how they violate our immigration laws?

Visa overstays account for about 40% of the illegal aliens in this country.

Is there any limit? Everyone stays?

That will soon become quite unaffordable and we won’t be America much longer under these conditions although that die seems to have already been cast.

The university plans to fight all immigration enforcement according to the chancellor.

The President of the university is the former DHS secretary Janet Napolitano. She didn’t protect the border as DHS secretary either.

Is this what Americans want or do they want an orderly, uniform system of immigration with people coming who want to come and who want to follow the American dream, not feed off the benefits?

It’s not about Mr. Mora, we hope he has good reason to be here and gets to stay if so, but open borders can’t be the new normal or can it. Just something to consider. The easier question might be, who doesn’t get to stay?

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