UC Berkeley Says Security Will Cost $600K for Ben Shapiro Speech


Stores and banks in Berkeley closed early Thursday, boarding up their windows. Heavy barricades were put in place along the streets closed ahead of the arrival of conservative Jewish commentator Ben Shapiro.

The idiot Antifa and protesters think Ben is a white supremacist and a Jewish Nazi.

Police are ready for Anita

U.C. Berkeley says they expect to spend about $600,000 on security Thursday.

It’s really hard to believe they will spend $600,000. In any case, let’s all pretend Antifa are noble.

In Charlottesville, Heather Heyer was marching with Antifa when the paranoid-schizophrenic and alleged Nazi plowed into her and others [he claimed he was scared by the aggressive protesters]. CBS News reported this morning that Ms. Heyer was marching with peaceful protesters.

Antifa is not peaceful.

North Korea has chimed in. This is funny.

Chalked messages insulting Ben Shapiro in advance of the engagement.

Police will do their job

The UC police might not stand down this evening and they might use pepper spray. They will make “very strong, rapid arrests” and it won’t be like the last time.

In February, protesters set a fire and vandalized Zellerbach Hall though Chief Margo Bennett provided few details about exactly how things will be different this time.

“I’m not going to specifically talk about tactical information, but certainly we have lessons learned from February 1st when we had that unprecedented attack on our campus,” said Bennett.

Based Ben, standing up for free speech, arrives.

There is a line for tickets.

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