Ugh! CNN Pundit Compares Smollett to Legend Jackie Robinson


Disgusting! CNN’s Communist pundit Van Jones compared “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett to Jackie Robinson on Thursday during a rant about how beneficial the actor has been to the “black community.”

Van Jones thinks the sociopathic Smollett is a hero.

Moments after Chicago cops laid out their powerful case against Smollett, he told anchor Kate Bolduan how great this dirtbag Smollett is, even comparing him to a legend.

“This is the fall of an icon and I don’t think people understand how important he has been in the black community. ‘Empire’ as a show, to have him as a beloved character, I think did a great deal to knock back homophobia in the black community,” Jones said.

“The fact that he has been celebrated and you see homophobia in the black community through his eyes on the show, this is a Jackie Robinson against homophobia.”

Maybe Van Jones needs to go too!


Here’s Van Jones leading a protest against police the day after 9/11/01:

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Frank S.
Frank S.
4 years ago

Now the great Jackie Robinson’s family should hire Lin Wood to sue this clueless ignoramus. Jackie Robinson was a trailblazer like few others in our nation’s history.
And he was infinitely better at his craft than this lying phony was at his.

4 years ago

To compare that homosexual to Jackie Robinson is an insult to Mr. Robinson, his memory and his family. But then what else can we expect from communists like Van Jones who don’t like America or even Blacks who actually accomplished something.