UGH! Jeff Flake Wants to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class


Jeff Flake has refused to approve judges until a bill is passed establishing the special counsel’s position as the fourth branch of government. That hasn’t worked out so he has a new plan on his way out the door. The heartily-disliked senator is co-introducing a bill to raise taxes on everyone with his hard-left friend Chris Coons. It’s a bill for a carbon tax — a climate change tax.

The leftiststs/Democrats want to make energy so expensive that the middle class Americans won’t be able to use much of it. It’s all based on the false premise that carbon dioxide is a poison.

The anti-Trumper wants to tax carbon dioxide emissions. That is what drove the French out into the streets to protest and riot wearing yellow jackets.

Flake, who will not be returning to Congress next year, and Delaware Sen. Chris Coon, a Democrat, will introduce their carbon tax bill as soon as Wednesday.

It probably won’t go anywhere — yet.

Flake and Coon’s bill will be the Senate companion to bipartisan House carbon tax legislation introduced in November.

The Washington Times first reported of Flake’s carbon tax bill Wednesday, and The Hill later confirmed it.

Like the House bill, Flake’s carbon tax bill would tax emissions at $15 per ton — a rate that would rise $10 per year until greenhouse gas emissions, hitting $100 per ton in 2030. All of the revenues raised through the tax will get rebated to households to compensate for higher energy costs.

Once our rulers have this law in place, they can just raise the taxes willy-nilly on any excuse as a backdoor tax.

Flake, who was in the House in 2009, went onto become a senator, and rarely weighed in on global warming after that.

He is now showing his true colors and he is no ‘yellow jacket’. Flake’s a leftist.

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Clyde Owens
Clyde Owens
5 years ago

Flaky Flake actually thinks that he can fool people into believing that he is a conservative. Good riddance to his departure from Washington even though he is being replaced by a liberal Democrat. At least with the Democrat we know that she is the enemy.

Robert J Earl
Robert J Earl
5 years ago

Jeff Flake appears to be a “grass roots” Democrat, He and prominent Dem Chris Coons are very like-minded. Makes me wonder why he ran and was elected as a Republican…maybe because Dems could not win statewide elections six years ago in Arizona.

ebenezeer Jones
ebenezeer Jones
5 years ago

Thank God this asshole is out of town in another week or two. I doubt that his replacement is going to be much better!!