UGH! LeBron James Brings Kaepernick to Sports Again!


Kneeling Colin Kaepernick is trying to hit the big time with a lawsuit against the NFL for not giving him the job of his choice in his waning years. His latest accusation is to say the NFL owners are colluding with the President. If it’s not the Russians, it’s the NFL!

LeBron James and Kevin Durant are mixing politics with sports, and seem determined to make sports miserable for those of us who don’t share their opinions.

NBA superstars LeBron James and Kevin Durant showed their support for unsigned quarterback Colin Kaepernick by wearing limited edition “#IMWITHKAP” jerseys, Sports Illustrated reported.

Mixing sports with their politics is not appreciated.

If you doubt where Colin Kaepernick is coming from when he kneels for the anthem, he claims his foundation was laid by Communist Angela Davis.


Davis, a feminist, was a Black Panther who was violent in her youth. Since then, she has spent decades teaching communism to college students.

Back in 1970, after Davis purchased firearms for personal security guards, those guards used them in the 1970 armed takeover of a Marin County, California courtroom, in which four people were killed. She was prosecuted for three capital felonies, including conspiracy to murder, but was acquitted of the charges. Except she was acquitted because she was black.

Davis’s membership in the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) led California Governor Ronald Reagan in 1969 to attempt to have her barred from teaching at any California university. She supported the governments of the Soviet Bloc for several decades. During the 1980s, she was twice a candidate for Vice President on the CPUSA ticket.

He tweeted: I can’t explain how much it means to have the support of the Icon Angela Davis! She has laid the foundation for myself and many others to fight against anti-blackness, and has never wavered! We love and appreciate you!

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