UGH! Pixar Made a Cartoon on Toxic Masculinity


Pixar has joined Gillette and other corporate shills who are jumping on the politically correct bandwagon of leftist drivel. Instead of making movies about cowboys, spacemen, and unicorns, they made a short on toxic masculinity. That’s one of the latest male-bashing lies the hateful left is shoving down our throats.

The short film called, Purl, is described as a “powerful story about toxic masculinity in the workplace.”

It’s a nine-minute short they will likely brainwash children with just before the movie they came to see. This is an excerpt:

In a sea of suited up, high-energy white men, Purl quickly becomes incredibly isolated. Trying to fit in, she cracks a joke to men around a water cooler only to be met with no laughs and she later pitches an idea at a meeting and gets the feedback, “You’re being too soft. We gotta be aggressive.”

I have worked in offices with men and never had a problem being accepted. This is so dated. It’s a manufactured problem. Here’s another excerpt:

So, Purl changes her entire demeanor and appearance to fit in. As explained by Pixar’s Youtube description, the film asks: “How far is she willing to go to get the acceptance she yearns for, and in the end, is it worth it?”

What kind of weak person has to change their feminine side to accommodate men in an office? I worked with only men in more than one job and never felt the need to change my personality or character. A woman who does that is weak.

Bustle linked to an article about the invented crisis of toxic masculinity. The sick piece was written by a feminist writer — of course. She writes: Patriarchy hurts men as well as women — and erases gender-nonconforming people completely — by prescribing roles that both genders are expected to embody. That’s not good for anyone.

She had a section dedicated to our alleged “rape culture.”

They want to make women into men, men into women and tell everyone they can be whatever gender they want.

Some of the super feminists didn’t like it. One Twitter user wrote: A couple of thoughts about the new Pixar short, “Purl.” 1. It seems like every piece I’ve read about it ignores what is says about race. 2. Women as balls of yarn: no. Don’t reinforce gender stereotypes while you’re trying to decry sexism.

What does it say about race? Some people are pink? The goal of the left is to say white men are toxic rapists. She’s also offended by women as yarn. You just can’t please these people.

The left is out of touch with reality and they want to social engineer everything and everyone.

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boocat (@boocatbutterbee)
boocat (@boocatbutterbee)
5 years ago

Repulsive propaganda. Sexist bigotry.

boocat (@boocatbutterbee)
boocat (@boocatbutterbee)
5 years ago

Repulsive propaganda.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

They want to replace God and disregard biology, this is pure madness borderline satanic.