Uh Oh Al Gore, Sea Levels Are Falling All Around the Globe


Al Gore said in 2006 that the sea levels would rise by as much as 20 feet in the near future. The man who made hundreds of millions of dollars pushing the most extreme form of climate hysteria, was wrong again. It is a fact sea levels fell in 2016 and from January to now, they fell.

Despite the claims of global warming alarmists that sea level rise will put major coastal cities under water in a few short years, NASA put up a chart confirming sea levels are actually falling around the globe.

Posted at NASA’s Global Climate Change page in it’s “Vital Signs” section on sea level, the charts show the falling sea levels.

On a NASA page intended to spread climate alarmism, NASA’s own data reveals that worldwide ocean levels have been falling for nearly two years, dropping from a variation of roughly 87.5mm to below 85mm.


This is the close up of 2016 to March 2017:

This is a blow up that goes further into 2017:

NASA provides no explanation on its page about what is happening, only allowing for information about “sea level rise… from melting ice sheets and glaciers and the expansion of sea water as it warms.” Okay then, so where is all the water going?

According to Robert Felix at Ice Age Now, the water is actually “being locked up on land as snow and ice.” In fact, Greenland just recorded its largest accumulation of snow and ice ever, surpassing even last year’s growth.

Antarctica’s ice is so thick the penguin females, who gather the food, have to travel much further this year and many are dying before they even reach it. Unfortunately, the climate and wildlife hysterics are going to come to the rescue with their social engineering tactics.

NASA said nothing about this, in fact, they said nothing. They’ll just keep on sounding the alarm that the ice caps are melting and we’ll all be swimming with the fishes any day,  like tomorrow.

Popular Science would say this is just a natural variation. National Geographic says the sea levels are rising – don’t believe your lying eyes. NOAA says they’re rising by an eighth of an inch a year. Some professors say it’s complicated.

Meanwhile this data contradicts the false narrative of rapid, never-ending rising ocean levels that flood continents and drown cities. The narrative is climate alarmists’ key element of the climate change fear mongering that’s used to scare gullible youth into making Al Gore rich.

Our immediate existential threats are not global warming about which we do not yet have a solution though Al Gore and his money grubbers would have you think they do. No, the threats are world war, nuclear or EMP attacks, global economic collapse, and the threat of communism within our own country.

Actually, a warmer planet would be more hospitable to plants that can suck up that CO2. But again, warmth as a benefit for plant life is not something climate alarmists want to hear.

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