Uh Oh, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Really Dumb Things Again


Democratic-Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is out saying dumb things again or lying, not sure which. After eight years of failed Socialist policies, she still believes in the money fairy.

She never heard about Socialists eventually running out of other peoples’ money. Everything she says in this clip below is not true.

She appeared on The Daily Show with hard-left Trevor Noah.

“We’re here to talk about wages and education. We’re here to talk about saving our planet…we’re here to talk about people paying their fair share, and we’re here to talk about saving the country, frankly,” O’Cortez said.

She wants to increase taxes and spend wildly.

She promises: free healthcare; universal jobs guarantee; free universities — all schools must be free; paid family and sick leave at taxpayer expense; free housing as a human right; drastic changes in incarceration, policing, and drug laws; open borders and abolish ICE; 100% renewable energy – banning of fossil fuels; end corporate money in elections but she will not end monies from unions and other Democrat slush funds; an economy of peace — socialism.

O-Cortez hides behind the Democratic-Socialist, seemingly innocuous, label but their platform is Communist.

Her tweets are equally idiotic.

The one on national security is very funny, coming from an open borders Socialist. Family values? Democrats are big on that? Who knew?

What about her take on crime? O-Cortez says prisons are “slavery” and she wants them abolished, replaced with social work intervention.

As far as the working-class, they’re doing great for a change under President Trump. No thanks due Barack Obama who nearly eliminated the middle class.

Dan Bongino effectively addressed her lies on Fox & Friends Saturday morning. The Progressives think there’s a “money fairy”, he said. He described the ‘black hole of economic progressivism.’




  1. Having this POS in congress is same as having Obummer in office again. It takes up a lot of valuable time to give audience to an idiot. Why cannot those kind just go away.

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