Uh Oh, Almost No One Believes AOC’s Caged Children Photos


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be humiliated by the reaction to her unfortunately unrealistic photo-op taken — she says — at the border. Most people, even supporters believe the photos were a staged photo-op.

It’s likely fake since everything she does is phony or dishonest. She literally lies every day.

This morning a photographer released photos of Ocasio-Cortez that he said were taken when she was still an unknown House candidate in New York. Cortez retweeted them to her fans, but they look very fraudulent.

Where are the children she saw in cages that upset her so???

We have seen at least one of these photos before and it looked as fraudulent and staged then as it does now. We can’t exactly prove it, but, honestly, what is she looking at that so traumatized her and why isn’t that in the photo??? It makes no sense.

  • Where are the caged children? To make the pictures seem believable, Off-line Cortex should have smeared some of Alred’s Jalapeno Powder on her eyes.