Uh Oh, Biden’s campaign is already a bumbling disaster


After wanting to be President for 30 years and trying and failing three times, Joe Biden is back! He threw his towel in the ring, but he has no money — zero, zip, nada — and he had to ditch his launch video.

A New York Times report this week explained that unlike his other far-left rivals, Biden is starting with literally zero dollars in the bank, all while his staff can’t even seem to agree on his campaign launch video.

“His leading rival in the Democratic primary, Senator Bernie Sanders, has amassed $26.6 million across his various political committees, including more than $10 million left over from his 2016 presidential run and 2018 re-election in Vermont,” the Times noted.

“Mr. Biden begins at $0, and it would take his raising more than $100,000 every day until Christmas just to match what Mr. Sanders had banked at the start of April,” the newspaper reported.

That’s a disastrous start with dozens of competitors out there and all his baggage about to be made public. Even the anti-capitalist Sanders banked a huge sum of money.


The New York Times reported that his launch video, which would likely be shared on YouTube and Facebook while setting the tone for the rest of the race, was scrapped at the last minute.

“Mr. Biden is grappling with some internal tensions as he builds an organization: A launch video crafted by his new media consultant, Mark Putnam, was not favorably received by other advisers, and the former vice president’s longtime aide Mike Donilon devised an alternative video,” the newspaper said.

It was apparently a big waste of big bucks and he has no organization yet.

Everyone thought he was securing pledges and working on his campaign all these months that he threatened us with his candidacy. Apparently, he wasn’t doing much and is off to a bumbling start.

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4 years ago

Joey Plugs feels the pain of the working class comrade…after working in government for 40+ years. Get on the balcony and get your shotgun out for esteemed party member comrade kommissar Joey Plugs!
He’s a groper, an interloper, he can run on the outstanding fundamental transformation record of the messiah, the one, Barry Soetoro!

4 years ago

It cracks me up when fools speak about Biden’s blue collar background. He has been in elected office for almost 49 years and in the US Senate since 1973. How is that blue collar? This jerk has been on the public dole almost as soon as he graduated law school so has absolutely no ties to blue collar except to look down and lord over us.