Uh Oh, CNN says a fake Republican’s “disturbed” by Mitch working with the WH


According to America’s home of fake news, CNN, Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska said she is “disturbed” by coordination between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the White House over the process for impeachment.

She finds his desire to work with the White House “disturbing.”

But, according to CNN, Murkowski said McConnell had also “confused the process” by saying he was acting in “total coordination” with the White House on setting the parameters for the trial.

Then they said she was soft on the issue and she criticized Nancy.

What she actually said was this:

“And in fairness, when I heard that, I was disturbed,” Murkowski told KTUU, a CNN affiliate.<

“To me, it means that we have to take that step back from being hand in glove with the defense, and so I heard what Leader McConnell had said, I happened to think that that has further confused the process,” she went on.

They are downplaying her criticism of the House process:

In her interview with KTUU, Murkowski also criticized the House impeachment process as rushed and incomplete.

“Speaker Pelosi was very clear, very direct that her goal was to get this done before Christmas,” Murkowski said.

“If the House truly believed that they had information that was going to be important, they subpoena them, and if they ignore the subpoena as they did at the direction of the White House, then that next step is to go to the courts,” she added.

That is where the President is, looking for direction!

She wants a full and fair process and might as well join the Democrat Party:

Murkowski said she was looking for a “full and fair process” that uses the Clinton impeachment as a model. She added that she’s undecided as to how she’ll vote on whether to remove Trump from office, saying it would be “wrong” of her to make up her mind before the trial begins.

“For me to prejudge and say there’s nothing there or on the other hand, he should be impeached yesterday, that’s wrong, in my view. That’s wrong,” she said.

Fine, that’s fair, especially from a RINO. And we are sure the Dems would be very fair too and send the articles to the Senate without blackmailing Mitch McConnell.

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