Uh Oh, Dems Under Investigation for Felonious Election Fraud


Democrats have lawyered up as they face third-degree felonies over potential voter fraud, according to Politico.

Politico has been on the case in the Florida election corruption and it is surprising since they are a left-wing publication. They deserve credit.

Media has been telling the public there was no voter fraud but Democrats are now under investigation for voter fraud.

It is an “active criminal investigation” and Democrats have had to hire their own “outside investigator” to fight the allegations.

As requests for probes grow, Democrats are on the defense for a change. The issue of whether the state party sent post-dated absentee forms to fix vote-by-mail ballots is a serious one. It’s illegal.

The forms were sent with altered dates which led the Florida Department of State to turn over the paperwork to several U.S. attorneys and request an inquiry into the irregularities, Politico reports.

After trying to shift the blame and attack Republicans as trying to “divert” attention, they have taken a different tack. They have lawyered up.

“Upon receiving notice of the allegations that the form was incorrect, FDP took immediate steps, including hiring an independent investigator to review the issues at hand,” attorney Mark Herron said in a statement provided by a party spokeswoman. “As soon as we know the results of the investigation we will advise you.”

Mail-in ballots are only valid if voters submitted an affidavit on Nov. 5, the day before Election Day. But an altered version sent by the Democrat Party changed the date to Nov. 8 as the deadline to cure issues with provisional ballots, Politico writes.

Politico reported that under state law governing “fraudulent practices,” it’s a third-degree felony to “knowingly and willfully … make or use any false document, knowing the same to contain any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry” connected to the Department of State. While the fraud statute is not contained in the state’s election code, it relates to the 2018 election because the affidavit in question concerned the elections division, which falls under the Department of State.

Sore loser Bill Nelson actually had the gall to say he was the victim of voter suppression. He wanted illegal votes to count. That’s his idea of voter suppression.

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