Uh Oh, It Was Erica Thomas Who told Cuban Dem ‘go back where you came from’


Two employees who witnessed the battle between Georgia Democratic state rep. Erica Thomas and Cuban-American Democrat Eric Sparkes at a Publix supermarket, claim that Sparkes never yelled, “Go back where you came from,” as Thomas said. It was Thomas who said it!

A Publix customer service manager told police that it was Thomas who “continuously [told] Eric Sparkes to ‘Go back where you came from!’” She says she never heard Sparkes say that to Thomas.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the employee told police that Sparkes repeatedly tried to leave, but Thomas kept getting in his face and yelling at him.

“Mr. Sparkes began to leave, but Ms. Thomas kept ‘running her mouth’ as she approached him,” the employee told the police.

Another Publix employee named Derrick Tompkins also told police that he never heard Sparkes tell Thomas to “go back where she came from.” However, Tompkins said he heard Sparkes call Thomas an expletive.

Sparkes admitted to calling Thomas a “selfish little b**ch” for going on the express lane with 20 items.

“I did say that. That’s all I said, and I walked out of Publix,” Sparkes told a local news station. “Her words stating on Twitter and her video stating I told her she needs to ‘go back where she came’ from are untrue.”

She walked back her accusation and then walked that back. Thomas sobbed out her story, trying to use it to bash the President and stir up racial hatred. She also claimed she feared for her life but she’s twice his size.

Listen to her sob:

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