Uh Oh, Far-left hero Rep Amash might be heading for anonymity real soon


Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI). called for the President’s impeachment on Saturday but that could be driven by selfish motives. A reader mentioned Amash’s conflict of interest and when I researched it, there it turned out to be true, that is, Amash’s family relies on China for their business dealings.

One thing I have found — especially when one considers the actions of the Chamber of Commerce on illegal immigration — is that when it comes to money, the threats coming from foreign enemies are easily ignored.

We don’t know if that is what motivates Amash, but it certainly is a conflict. he shouldn’t be a Republican anyway with his tendency to side with Democrats. The people who voted for him since 2011 like Trump’s policies, so what is he doing?

The far-left loves what he did. Rashida Tlaib said it’s a “watershed moment.” It might be, but not the way she thinks. Amash may have just damaged himself irreparably.


A primary challenger has emerged within 48 hours of his comments. The challenger, a state rep., was considering the move, possibly in July, but he’s really motivated now.

Amash’s crazy “principal conclusions” from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report may spell his doom.

State Rep. Jim Lower announced Monday morning that he planned to run for the Republican nomination in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District, Amash’s seat.

Lower described himself as a “pro-Trump” Republican and harshly criticized Amash’s tweets.

“Congressman Justin Amash tweets yesterday calling for President Trump’s impeachment show how out of touch he is with the truth and how out of touch he is with people he represents,” Lower said, according to the Detroit Free Press. “He must be replaced and I am going to do it.”


Amash tweeted hysterically on Saturday, claiming Mueller’s report showed the President’s pattern of behavior meets the “threshold for impeachment.”

The President lashed out at him in a tweet on Sunday, calling him a “total lightweight” who is trying to get his “name out there.” He also called him a “loser” and he just might be a bigger loser than anyone imagined on Friday.

Obviously, the Mueller report concluded by a team of angry Democrats that the President did NOT collude with Russia. The President reminded Amash of that.

Amash calls himself a Libertarian so he has Libertarian support, deserved or not, but a lot of people disagree and think he’s a jerk.

He’s the hero of the far-left kooks.

Kick this “loser” to the curb people.

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