Uh Oh, Morsi Rejects Military’s Ultimatum



As non-Brotherhood ministers in his cabinet resign, Egyptian President Morsi has rejected the military’s ultimatum to work with the people. He said he will continue the path he is on. He is probably bolstered by Obama support. Obama has been on the phone with Morsi since the military’s demand that he work with the people.

Obama said publicly that he is not taking sides. In other words, he is voting present as he did while in the state senate and US senate. However, he might as well say he is taking sides. He spoke with Morsi on Monday before this latest Morsi announcement.

Obama ignored the real freedom fighters in Iran, the real ones in Syria (before it was too late), and now he is ignoring the Egyptian people. He has a pattern of supporting dictators in Honduras, Ecuador, Egypt et al. He recently entertained radical Egyptian cleric bin Bayyah in the White House and it isn’t the first such invitation.

The people of Egypt are fed up with the US because of our support of the dictator Morsi.

Edward Djerejian, a former U.S. diplomat, warned twenty years ago that Islamists like the Brotherhood wanted one man, one vote, one time and would exploit free elections to achieve this end.

Morsi might subscribe to this belief since he refuses to acknowledge the 22 million citizens who have demanded his resignation. As Morsi seizes control of all facets of Egypt’s government, he has said his word is “final and binding and cannot be appealed by any way or to any entity,” and that he is empowered to “take the necessary actions and measures to protect the country and the goals of the revolution.”

Some of what Morsi has done was to keep extremists from power, but he also has ignored everyone but the Brotherhood. Violence against Coptic Christians is growing and the Brotherhood is not protecting them. Secularists are disillusioned and are cast aside as well.

Morsi solved the problem of having to unite disparate groups by sending them into political oblivion.

There is no balance of power in Egypt and there are only the protesters to counteract Morsi’s power grab.

The Brotherhood said that the military is attempting a coup. The military said in their ultimatum that if Morsi does not comply, they will set up their own “road map” for the future of Egypt.

A statement from Mr Morsi’s office stated that “The presidency confirms that it is Morsi on its previously plotted path to promote comprehensive national reconciliation … regardless of any statements that deepen divisions between citizens.”

Morsi has been in office for a year and has been a failure economically. His foreign policy is anti-US and anti-Israel.

Morsi also said in his statement that he “was moving forward with a peaceful democratic transition based on the law and constitution,” as he grabs more and more power. He controls the media, the Parliament and is seizing the Judiciary.

The Brotherhood plans to fill Egypt’s streets with their supporters.

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