Uh Oh, NY Times Strongly Defends Rosenstein Report & He Wasn’t Joking


The New York Times published a blockbuster article Friday. They claimed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosnstein discussed taping President Trump in the Oval Office. The purpose was to oust him by [mis]using the 25th Amendment.

Rosenstein allegedly claimed he could convince Attorney General Sessions and Chief of Staff Kelly to go along with it.

Rod Rosenstein didn’t exactly deny it and left himself a lot of wiggle room in his response. Anonymous sources said comments Rosenstein made about taping the Presideent were in jest.

“The New York Times’s story is inaccurate and factually incorrect,” Rosenstein said in a statement.

The often-fake New York Times wrote that Rosenstein shared these plans with “other Justice Department and FBI officials,” all of whom relayed their accounts to the paper anonymously.

This took place soon after the election and weeks into Rosenstein’s hiring for the position he now holds.


The Times’s deputy managing editor Matt Purdy wrote in a statement Saturday that the newspaper stands by the reporting of its journalists, Mike Schmidt, and Adam Goldman, who broke the story.

“Just because you don’t like the facts, don’t comfort yourself by dismissing the story as fake or credulous reporting,” Purdy wrote. “The DOJ claim that Rosenstein was sarcastic when he suggested he wear a wire on Trump is not supported by our reporting or others.”

  • To be fair they have put out more than a few whoppers rhis year and have had to retract, look at Nikki Hailey and the 52 grand curtains. Now I don’t like Rosenstein not one bit but I think President Trump should proceed with caution and not act in haste. I would love for him to dire him but this feels like a trap to get him on obstruction again. Laughable this allegedly occurred when he fired Comey on Rosenstein’s suggestion, laughable.