Uh Oh, Sea Turtles Make Global Warming Worse!


This great looking sea turtle isn’t what he appears to be. He could be one of the gravest threats to the planet.

sea turtle

Sea turtles now have a target on their backs because killing them slows global warming according to Dr. Peter Macreadie.

Peter Macreadie, a marine ecologist at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, has concluded from his research that culling sharks is a bad thing because they eat sea turtles and we want that. Sea turtles and other creatures are bad for the environment.

I thought the global warming alarmists were only after humans.

Dr. Macreadie being awarded a Fellowhsip at Parliament House, Melbourne.
Dr. Macreadie being awarded a Fellowhsip at Parliament House, Melbourne.

Macreadie’s scenario: Sharks eat sea turtles which eat the sea grass, the more sea grass that gets eaten, the worse global warming gets.

Macreadie said wetlands such as swamps, marsh and sea grass are able to store and bury carbon more than 40 times faster than trees and keep it buried for thousands of years if it is not disturbed, known as a blue carbon ecosystem.

“If we lost 1 per cent of the ocean’s blue carbon ecosystems it would be the equivalent of releasing 450 million tons of carbon annually, that is the emission of 97 million cars or the annual carbon emission of all of Australia,” Macreadie told broadcaster ABC on Tuesday.

I guess the Sea Turtle Conservancy can shut their doors. They go to a lot of trouble to protect them. If you have a home on the water in Florida, you can turn your lights on in your backyard because the lights might disturb the mothers who are coming in to lay their eggs. Maybe they don’t need that law any longer!

This is only the beginning. The faux global warming science is just getting off the ground.