Uh Oh Seniors, Say Bye Bye to Medicare As You Know It



Medicaid for all! Seniors and the handicapped will all soon get the same inadequate healthcare that Medicaid patients get.

Kaiser Health News reported that a major medical panel wants drastic changes in the way doctors are paid for Medicare. “In a report released Monday, the panel—mainly composed of doctors—concludes that there are enough “marginal, harmful, ineffective, or unnecessary” services already being paid for in Medicare that outside funding is unnecessary,” Kaiser wrote.

There will be no need for increased taxes, just a reallocation of funds and looking at unnecessary tests and procedures.

An Obamacare panel will get to decide how and when doctors are paid and what tests and procedures they find acceptable. They aren’t going to raise taxes so the only way they can get the money is to ration care or lower doctor pay and expect doctors to take Medicare patients as charity cases.

Doctors are going to be paid for not performing needed tests and they will be penalized for those seniors they help too much. The medical panel wants to bundle payments and not pay for each individual service which means doctors who treat Medicare patients won’t get paid for everything they do. Kaiser seems to think it is a good thing.

The Physician Payment Commission has twelve recommendations, some of which appear to translate into the following.:

  • They want stand-alone fees eliminated.
  • They want doctors to perform tests and procedures in lower-cost facilities, despite the doctor’s judgement on the issue.
  • They have a risk-adjustment, rationing recommendation they are putting out clothed as something that will protect seniors.
  •  Doctors will have a lot more paperwork to receive the paltry payments they now get from Medicare.

HHS will expect Medicare doctors to perform some work for nothing if this becomes routine. It is already being tried.



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