Uh Oh! Social Media Is Taking More Steps to Censor Because of Russia


The hill reports that social media is taking further steps to keep Russia and other foreign entities from manipulating the U.S. populace. The U.S. media and the U.S. government undoubtedly think that’s their job.

The title of the article is, Social media fights back against fake news. The hill itself is very left-wing partisan.

This fake news movement started with our former Marxist president Barack Obama so call me a skeptic.

The hill reports that: Facebook and other social media networks are taking steps to make sure their platforms don’t become tools for foreign governments spreading “fake news” stories

They are concerned about an allegedly “high threat level” from foreign entities and Russia in particular, so social media is censoring.


Google , the hill wrote, rolled out a set of features and updates that allow users to flag potentially false stories as “disputed,” triggering a review for validity by independent organizations. Facebook also recently updated its algorithms to preemptively spot potential fake stories.

The left-wing is notorious for flagging everything right-wing as “fake”.

The “independent organizations” are far-left fact checkers, left-wing mainstream news and it’s all being funded by George Soros, at least on Facebook.

Apparently, partisan spin is a problem but not for the left-wing media.

The hill quoted a professor suggesting the social media platforms need an overseer:

“It is a problem for social media companies to manage [fake news],” said Mike Horning, a communications professor at Virginia Tech who focuses on the intersection of politics and news reporting. “What is the line between fake news and partisan spin?”

“I think that adds a layer to social media that these companies didn’t anticipate,” Horning added.

They reported that Russia’s alleged interference in our 2016 election is the impetus for the censorship and they go back to a 2014 petition to give Alaska back to Russia, prompted by Russian bots. Not for nothing, but people would have to be morons to take that seriously.


Russian attempts to manipulate U.S. users through social media have gotten more insidious, the hill writes. The article continues to report that Russia sent tweets with malware to the Department of Defense..

Twitter didn’t comment as to what steps they were taking other than to say they were mitigating the effects of propaganda and false information.

Their left-wing checkers get to be the arbiters.

Facebook stressed that it has not found evidence that Russia or other countries compromised Facebook accounts.

Some experts worry that technology companies cannot completely police their platforms on their own, says the hill. Is that a precursor to suggesting the government do it?

The hill continues:

It would be unreasonable for anyone to expect a social media company to try to monitor foreign governments alone,” Horning said. “They don’t have the expertise or intelligence or the assets in their company to do that.”

“There’s also going to be an additional cost burden,” he added.

Facebook, Google and Twitter did not comment on whether they are coordinating with U.S. intelligence agencies. In their report though, Facebook did note that they are “cooperating with government cybersecurity agencies looking to harden their officials’ and candidate’s social media activity against external attacks.”

Russia is employing people to sway the U.S. populace, however, who will watch the left-wing news and the left-wing employees from going on to pages and pretending they are people they are not to turn people?

If they are controlling bots, it’s one thing, but they are saying so much more than that.

“Trump isn’t the end of Russia’s social media and hacking campaign against America, but merely the beginning,” analysts Watts, Weisburd and Berger warned. Hard-left Slate has used these analysts for their articles condemning right-wing sites, admittedly mostly extreme. They included Ron Paul Institute on their initial list of 200.

In any case, what hacking campaign are they talking about? There is no evidence Russia successfully hacked anything but government agencies under Barack Obama. Obama did absolutely nothing when Russia and other enemies of the U.S. hacked government agencies.

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