Uh Oh, Sources for the Khashoggi Stories Include a Shady Operative


Patrick Poole at PJ Media reported on the very concerning ties of at least one of the media’s sources for the leaked stories about Jamal Khashoggi, the occasional columnist for the Washington Post. It should serve to warn us not to necessarily believe what we are hearing in the media.

In the way of background, there is a lot of intrigue in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has been in conflict with Turkey and Qatar, among others. Sources for the stories about Khashoggi are Turkish officials. Ironically, Turkey is notorious for brutalizing and jailing its own journalists. Turkey is now an Islamic dictatorship and it’s no secret that Erdogan dreams of a Caliphate.

There are a number of bad actors all around who are motivated to frame Crown Prince bin Salmon. The United States hasn’t seen the evidence yet insofar as we know.


Mr. Poole explains that at least one of the sources for the stories about Jamal Khashoggi is Khaled Saffuri.

Khaled Saffuri is tied to a joint Libyan intelligence and al-Qaeda plot to assassinate the Saudi crown prince Abdullah.

A Yahoo story by Michael Isikoff quotes Khaled Saffuri who tries to tie President Trump to an allegedly emboldened Crown Prince bin Salmon.

The source for a Daily Beast article earlier in the week is also Saffuri who spoke of Khashoggi’s alleged pro-democracy efforts. If there is one thing Khashoggi wasn’t, it’s pro-democracy. He was a die-hard Islamist who wanted a worldwide Caliphate.


Khaled Saffuri is tied to terrorism. He was the protege of al-Qaeda fundraiser Abdurahman Alamoudi, who is currently serving a 17-year sentence in federal prison for his role as bagman for the Libyan/Al-Qaeda assassination plot to kill the Crown Prince.

Oddly, Saffuri’s ties to terror financing were reported on shortly after the 9/11 attacks by Michael Isikoff himself. But he makes no mention of Saffuri’s background in this recent article.

Alamoudi and Saffuri were responsible for the first White House Iftar dinner in 1996 for then-First Lady Hillary Clinton.

The two also formed The Islamic Institute together and that was funded by Qatar.

Saffuri’s Islamic Institute famously arranged a rally in 2000 in Lafayette Park during which Alamoudi expressing his fervent support for Hamas and Hezbollah, two U.S.-designated terrorist organizations.


Alamoudi showered both political parties with campaign contributions until 2003. That’s when he was nabbed by the Feds for serving as the bagman in an assassination plot to kill then-Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah. The plan was to attack his motorcade with RPGs.

He pleaded guilty to some charges and is serving a 17-year sentence.

Saffuri was investigated for terror financing and for his promotion of a Palestinian jihadist leader Sami al-Arian.

Saffuri was even involved in Jack Abramoff’s vast illegal lobbying schemes.

IN CONCLUSION, while this isn’t directly related to the Khashoggi disappearance and likely murder, the background of sources for Khashoggi stories are worth mentioning, although, oddly, Isikoff didn’t see the need to include it. For one thing, it would have hurt his case against the President if we knew the sources are shadowy figures. There could be a whole host of motivations to color the stories. It would be best to read them with a healthy measure of skepticism.

  • There was not outrage about the involvement of KSA on the 9/11 attacks.”only” 3 thousand innocent Americans died. Now, one creepy Saudi, MB member disappears….it’s the end the world..

  • As far as I can tell, this is an internal matter concerning the Saudi Government and royal family. The most the US should do is to file some sort of diplomatic protest, or demarche for the record, if in fact some sort of evil befell this Wa Po contributor and then drop the matter.

    Moral considerations, values and cultural norms are not the stuff of, nor have any standing in international relations Nations have interests and we have many important ones in the region, which include a very important alliance with the Saudi Royal family. It would be exceedingly foolish to muck it up over an internal criminal matter that didn’t occur on American soil, or in any American jurisdiction.

  • I grew up believing that, “If you screw with the Lone Ranger, you’ll get a silver bullet up your rectum”.
    It seems that still holds true.
    Here are the facts to weigh.
    $110, 000,000,000 billion in arms sales, and the jobs, and profit, that goes with that sum.
    Versus one anti American, anti Saudi, writer for the WaPo, who didn’t have brains enough to realize that lying about a ruler of his country, unlike the lies he told about our own President, have consequences.

  • A good commentary illustrating how Middle East intrigues play against one another. All the more reason to keep Islam OUT of the USA. Might have known Hillary would have been mentioned.

    If Kashoggi was a Caliphate enthusiast then I say good riddance. Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah isn’t like his father and will take immediate action against anyone who brooks his authority. He seems to be a reformer and won’t put up with anyone who challenges his way of doing things.