Uh, Yovanovitch Might Not Have Been All That Non-Partisan


The former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovich was Friday’s lead witness in what appeared to be a sympathy play. She left her ambassadorship in Ukraine before the President spoke with Ukraine President Zelensky and only witnessed gossip.

She was near tears more than once and looked pitiful. She confirmed the gossip we have been hearing.

Trump moved her out of her role. She was not fired. It is what happens during a change of administrations. In 2008, Obama fired every single George W. Bush ambassador.

She’s never met President Trump and she has no knowledge of any crimes he may have committed.

Ms. Yovanovitch testified that she was non-partisan. However, One America News is reporting that was not the case.


Rudy Giuliani reported that her embassy was known as the Hillary Clinton Campaign Center. So, who do you believe? We will have to wait and see how this fleshes out.

We can’t confirm any of this.

As an aside, she did confirm Hunter’s Burisma connection looked bad.


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