UK Doctor Removes Wrong Organ, Kills a Pregnant Woman


The Telegraph reported that a doctor in their socialized medical system in the UK ended up taking out the wrong organ during a routine surgery on a pregnant woman and now she is dead.

Doctor Yahya Al-Abed accidentally removed an ovary instead of the appendix of Maria De Jesus age 32 in October 2011.

He has a good excuse though – he was only at the hospital for three weeks. I guess it’s easy to mistake organs when you don’t have a lot of experience? The hospital seems to think its an excuse.

Mrs. De Jesus miscarried and died 19 days later of multiple organ failure.

Al-Abed admits to the mistake, but says there was no misconduct. His senior consultant Dr. Coker is also in hot water.

Dr. Coker was supposed to oversee the surgery, but instead he reportedly told Al-Abed he
would ‘be around during the procedure but went home during it.

It’s socialized medicine so of course there is no misconduct.

The case is now going into hearings and is expected to last a month.



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