UK Leader Jeremy Corbyn Wants to Seize Luxury Properties for Poor Muslims


There is an important lesson for Americans in this next story. The UK is falling to the hard-left. The rising power of Communist Jeremy Corbyn is concern enough. But in addition, there is his unholy alliance with radical Islamists. It should set off alarms on both sides of the ocean, but political correctness won’t allow it.

To understand Corbyn and how dangerous he is, one only need look at his latest reaction to the tower fire in London.

The Grenfell fire in London could be the first of many more fires where an insulation called cladding was used. However, the Communist UK leader has quite a solution.

The tower fire in London cost 58 people their lives and dislocated as many as 500 families. The fire was made far worse than it had to be because of the highly combustible cladding that wrapped the building. Cladding is a green energy favorite.

The cladding caused the building to go up like a torch. In addition, some died because the insulation also released cyanide.

Thank alternative energy. People have come to a point where they consider green energy ideology before safety.

As many as 600 buildings have cladding

As many as 600 of London’s high-rise buildings could have Grenfell Tower-type cladding. There are claims that the cladding wasn’t the quality requested but whatever the case, Corbyn has an outrageous solution.

Popular Communist Leader wants to seize from the rich to give to poor immigrants

Labour leader Communist Jeremy Corbyn has called for empty luxury homes near the fire scene to be requisitioned to house Muslim families who were victims of the recent Tower fire.

He wants to seize private property for the Muslim immigrants.

After touring the scene of the fire and speaking to residents on Thursday, Corbyn told journalists: “Kensington is a tale of two cities – it is among the wealthiest parts of this country, but the ward where this took place is one of the poorest.

“Residents must also be rehoused, using requisition of empty properties if necessary, in the community they love.”

He later said in a parliamentary debate: “It cannot be acceptable that in London you have luxury buildings and flats kept as land banking for the future, while the homeless and poor look for somewhere to live.”

Downing Street refused, saying, “We do not support proposals to seize private property. Our focus is on rehousing people as soon as we can.”

Friend to terrorists

Corbyn is a friend to Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and other extremists. His doppelgänger here in the U.S. is Bernie Sanders who campaigned for him. In the video, this kook declares his friendship for the terrorists.

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