Ukraine Asks for More Aid After Receiving $60B


We just gave Ukraine another $60 billion-plus and have a believable report that money meant to build fortifications along the Russia border was embezzled. We gave billions for that purpose. Instead, the Ukrainian military set up phony shell companies to launder the money to themselves.

We know for certain that they didn’t build fortifications. We know because Russia just rolled right in and took over dozens of border towns.

Now, they are begging for money to build fortifications, closing the barn door after all the cows are gone.

According to the Guardian, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Kyiv on Tuesday morning. It was his first visit to Ukraine since a major US aid package was passed last month. Ukrainian forces are struggling to defend against Russia. Russia is now inside its borders in the Northeast.

Blinken arrived by train from Poland in an unannounced visit and met Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, shortly after arriving. Zelenskiy described the US aid as crucial and thanked Blinken.

He also said Ukraine desperately needed two more air defense systems to protect the second city of Kharkiv. This is after they didn’t build fortifications.

Guardian reports:

Three weeks ago, Joe Biden signed a $60bn aid package for Ukraine after months of blocking by elements of the Republican party. The delay in passing the package was having a real impact on Ukraine’s ability to defend itself, officials in Kyiv have said.

The state department said Blinken would meet a range of top Ukrainian officials “to discuss battlefield updates, the impact of new US security and economic assistance, long-term security and other commitments, and ongoing work to bolster Ukraine’s economic recovery”.

Never-ending assistance.

Antony Blinken Goes to Ukraine to Promise Endless Streams of Money

Blinken claims they have a plan for Ukraine. It appears to involve a lot of money. They will also do the one thing we agreed never to do – in writing. We will accept Ukraine into NATO.

“And we do have a plan, and we’re working together with Ukraine and a wide network of partners to realize it. And what I want to speak to you about this evening is what that plan looks like and how we’re going to fully achieve it.”

“First, we’re helping to ensure that Ukraine has the military that it needs to succeed on the battlefield, to secure a just and lasting peace, and to deter future aggression.”

“In the immediate term, the United States and dozens of other countries will get Ukraine the assistance that you need – and we’ll get it to you quickly.”

They’re going to do the one thing Russia will not tolerate – make Ukraine part of NATO.

“When we hold the Washington Summit in July, we’ll take tangible steps to increase NATO’s role in building a resilient, capable Ukrainian force, supporting its ongoing reforms, better integrating Ukraine into the Alliance.

“And Ukraine’s bridge to NATO will be bolstered by a series of mutually reinforcing bilateral security agreements.

We’re going to spend a lot of money to build up their economy.

We’ll confiscate Russia’s money, but most of the money will come from the US.

“Second, we will ensure that Ukraine’s economy not only survives but thrives. Our Congress has given us the power to seize Russian assets in the United States. We intend to use it. We’re working with our G7 partners to see that Russia’s immobilized sovereign assets are used to remedy the damage that Putin continues to cause.

“The G7 can unlock billions of dollars – and send a powerful message to Putin that time is not on his side.”

The plan is to throw money at it. At the same time, Americans suffer with $36 trillion in debt, increasing by a trillion every few months.

Does Ukraine have Democratic aspirations? They’re tied to the WEF and UN.

“Finally, we will help the Ukrainian people fully realize their democratic aspirations.

“For more than three decades, the Ukrainian people have been defending their right to choose the path to democracy, to Europe, to the West. That’s the path that millions of Ukrainians from every region of the country voted for in 1991. It’s what Ukrainians came to the Maidan to defend in 2004 and then again in 2014. And it’s why you’ve fought back so tenaciously against Putin’s full-scale invasion.

“Your determination to write the future of your nation is why so many people around the world have been inspired by your fight, including so many Americans who now hang the yellow and blue flag next to the stars and stripes.”

The yellow and blue should not hang next to the Stars and Bars. Ukrainians just embezzled millions that were meant for fortifications they never built. Russia easily overran the Northeast. Now they want more money.

Read Blinken’s speech at, A Free Prosperous and Secure Future for Ukraine. Blinken is an ideologue.

This time last year:

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