Ukraine Foreign Minister Clears the President, But Then There’s Joe


Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko emphatically denied the unsourced Washington Post report claiming President Trump pressured Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden’s alleged abuse of power while serving as Barack Obama’s Vice President.

In an interview with TV station Hromadske, Minister Prystaiko dispelled the rumor once and for all. He emphasized that “we are an independent state” and not a puppet for either Democrats or Republicans.

“I know what the conversation was about, and I think there was no pressure,” Prystaiko said. “There was talk. Leaders have the right to discuss any problems that exist. This conversation was long, friendly, and it touched on a lot of questions, including those requiring serious answers.”

Prystaiko said he does not want to side with either party.

“Those people who are engaged in Ukrainian-American relations understand that we have always tried to appreciate assistance from both parties,” the foreign minister said. “This assistance allowed us to ensure that with the change of administration, we will not change the priorities in relations with the United States.”

This story without sources or any confirmation became a multi-day attack on the President.

The truth is that there never was a whistleblower, just a gossip spreading hearsay. The media didn’t care and ran with it because they got the soundbite out and they hope the sum total of these hit pieces will eat away at the President’s reputation and credibility.


The New York Times reported that then-vice president Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees if Ukraine didn’t fire its top prosecutor, who was investigating the owner of Burisma Holdings, Hunter Biden’s company. In fact, Biden’s on tape bragging about it.

Hunter was making $50,000 a month from the deal with no qualifications for the job he was doing.

In the least, it’s a conflict of interest, at worst, it appears to be extortion or bribery and abuse of power.

Conveniently, along came the whistleblower story, distracting Americans from the Biden Ukraine venture. As the story goes, an anonymous “whistleblower,” who allegedly heard second-hand rumors and did not meet the requirements for whistleblower status, told the Washington Post that Trump pressured Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky (during a July 25 phone call) to investigate Joe Biden’s alleged abuse of power and conflict of interest. They also announced that the President made a “promise” that could get him impeached. None of that was true.

In other words, this was a complete fabrication, pushed by Adam Schiff

President Trump is cleared but Joe Biden isn’t.

Now the press is on Trump’s alleged aborted attack on Iran. Don’t believe it.



  1. Joe Biden threatened the president of the Ukraine. It’s a fact. The tough guy even bragged about it and whether the threat comes from Tony Soprano or the Vice President of the United States, that’s extortion.

  2. Rudy Giuliani was on Fox News Sunday talking about this, he went to the Ukraine to interview , investigate this smear job on Trump, he mentioned names, and said he has video evidence of 3 people talking about the Biden influence that took place, he said this is a big, big deal and it don’t look good for Biden

    • good…biden bragged about it…hunter said he discussed his deal with daddy….daddy denies all…what the heck joe…as jill says “swallow”..not swallowing that jolly or joe… trump-2020..

  3. It’s perfectly acceptable for the president to inquire about the potential illegal activities occurring in another country as one head of state conversing with another.

    • The man must be one of those people who would believe anything, Trump has done more with all the garbage thrown at him than any person with help of God. That’s what bothers people like you because Trump is the real MAN!

    • LOL, what do you call Hillary ? Trump hasn’t been tied to a Bounch of People that has Comminted Sucide or just plain Killed anyone has he ? No. Thanks to Trump that all the Corruption has come out about the Communist, Muslim, Socialist Party ( Democrat’s ) if Hillary would have won everything would be still covered up. There is a lot more Corruption to be uncovered when Hillary is put on the Witness Stand I think we will all be surprised at just how Corrupt this Left Party really is. Might call them All the Killing Party they All want Abortion’s to Kill the Baby at nine Month’s. Do you know how Sick and Barberic that is ? Get over that the Hilldabeast didn’t win..

  4. Trump is the real criminal here , there are accusation after accusation after accusation , do you really think it all stems from the far left ? The demarcation party ? No . Of course not , even people from his own administration have raised concerns and allegations of his criminal and traitorous activities over the years . If it walks and quacks like a duck , undeniably it is a duck ! Or in Trumps case , a criminal , traitor and national security risk .

    • More than 90% of the media, according to polls and our own observations, is against the President. They post negative and mostly exaggerated or fraudulent info 24/7. What I can also say is the other side is comprised of extremists — communists and socialists. I’ll take the man with the faults who loves the USA. If you want to present facts, we will be happy to debate. Accusations are not facts.

    • ” there are accusation after accusation after accusation” yeah That’s all the media and far left have is ACCUSATIONS, PERIOD !!!!! show the proof of his criminal and traitorous activities, or stfu !!!

    • And that is all there is, time after time after time, accusations and then NOTHING, obviously those on the left who have DONE NOTHING in congress except attempt to impeach the POTUS would have done it if there was ANYTHING. How dense do you have to be to see that it is all partisan nonsense, because they do not want to see an outsider, a non-corrupt, non-career politician succeed, because it demonstrates how useless and corrupt career politicians are.

    • So you are one of the trolls it’s trying to take our president down everything that has been said about the president has been proven fake it’s all been lies it’s by people like you and Democrats that don’t like him that are jealous that he’s a billionaire and you’re nothing you’re not even worth talking to or relating this message back to because you are scum Democrat with one thing on your mind illegal aliens and killing babies you will all pay for this when you go in front of the Lord you better have asked for forgiveness or you will be going to hell

    • You would not know the truth if it hit you up beside the face because you niger, wet backs, communist, muslim lovers hate everything.

    • I guess you must be one of those Desperados. If you have Checked and Researched you would know whether you want to admit it or not and I will say ( or not ) Trump has proved all of the ones who is dead set against him wrong. He doesn’t stop till he prove’s if he is wrong or right. So many of you are so pissed that Hillary didn’t win and Thank God she didn’t and that all of you say Hurt and Hateful stuff about him. If it wasn’t for Trump all of the Corruption and Thieving would not have been exposed on the Democrat’s. I think that is mostly why all of you are upset your Party is so Corrupt and Evil and if Hillary would have won all the Corruption would still be covered up and when it all comes out and it will sooner or later, we will see how many have Commited Sucide or come up Dead that was linked to Hillary because they was coming up to Testify against her. Think Clinton Cartel. Instead of thinking all the Crap that all of you accuse Trump of think about the Clinton Cartel and Research up on that.

    • …if true then, if it bends over to world like obozo did to world leaders and apologizes FOR the USA, does that make him offering himself for sex or favors like a hoey?.. just asking T..

  5. THE MAN, you need to grow up. TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT WHETHER YOU ARE MATURE ENOUGH TO ACCEPT IT OR NOT. Biden just got exposed!!! Fake media fails again.

  6. Biden and the Democrat party are devils they should all be impeached themselves but I know we’re going to have to put them out of office in 2020 vote Republican Donald Trump 20/20

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