Ukraine Was Invaded, But, Hey, It’s Happy Hour


Happy Hour

Happy Hour, Yay!

While the Ukriane was under siege by Russian troops, Barack Obama was laughing about it being Friday and Happy Hour. That was right before he went into his usual partisan and  petty little diatribe about the minimum wage.

All this small ball politics went on while Russia was beginning the re-establishment of the Soviet Union.

Listen to it for yourself:

He was completely detached and unaware of reality. The audience was no less heartless. They had no concern whatsoever for the Ukrainians, just whooping it up.

Barack  Obama’s statement about the threat to the Ukraine was incredibly weak. He made it clear that he was passing off his responsibility to the international community who never do anything. In fact, any censure would be vetoed by Putin.

Instead of pulling our Ambassador and actually doing something, he said that Russia has a common culture with the Ukrainians, a military base in the Crimea, and so on, basically giving them the okay to invade. He said there would be consequences, but not even bothering to offer any.

Listen to this garbage:


Dr. Charles Krauthammer described Obama’s statement as “staggering” and “three levels removed”:


Ambassador Bolton addressed America’s weakness and the threat of the rebuilding of the Soviet Union in this clip:


Obama is so detached that it appears to be pathological to those of us with psychological backgrounds. This is not normal. He is bringing our army to troop levels smaller than Turkey’s all while he is destroying our nuclear warheads. He is sending messages to the world that we couldn’t be weaker.

His National Security Team met today and he didn’t even bother going to the meeting, but don’t worry that brilliant geopolitical strategist Susan Rice, briefed him.

Obama skips National Security Team mtg

God save us from this man. He is bizarre. But, hey it was Friday and it was Happy Hour.


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