Ukraine President Zelensky Wants NATO in the War


Ukraine’s President Zelensky is still pushing for NATO involvement in the war, which would undoubtedly lead to World War III. He mocked NATO for its reluctance.

According to Responsible Statecraft, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky chided NATO states this week for their unwillingness to join the fight against Russia directly.

“What’s the issue with involving NATO countries in the war? There is no such issue,” Zelensky told the New York Times in a fiery interview. Western planes could simply “shoot down what’s in the sky over Ukraine” without leaving NATO territory, he argued, thus mitigating escalation risks.

Zelensky added that he would welcome any plans to send NATO soldiers to support Ukraine’s war effort on the ground. The Ukrainian leader also asked Western states to allow Ukraine to use its weapons to target military sites within Russian territory.

Russian President Putin has indicated that’s a red line.

Biden Doesn’t Want to Start WWIII

President Joe Biden does not want the standoff with Russia over Ukraine to trigger a global war, White House National Security spokesman John Kirby has said. He made his statement days after the White House confirmed that Biden had granted Kiev permission to use US-supplied weapons systems for strikes inside Russia.

“We’ve been concerned about escalation since the very beginning of this war. And those concerns remain valid,” Kirby told ABC News on Sunday. “The president has said he does not want to be responsible for starting World War III. We’re not looking for a conflict with Russia, another nuclear power.”

Kirby said that Biden “had understood all of the ramifications” of allowing Kiev to use American weapons “for counter-fire purposes.” He reiterated that Ukrainians were only permitted to target bases, artillery positions, and other military sites “that Russians were using to create some sort of buffer zones.”

There are reports of NATO forces in Ukraine.

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