Ukrainian Synagogue Firebombed, 17th Attack This Year


According to The Jewish Press, at 2 AM, Saturday morning, the Nikolayev synagogue in Ukraine was firebombed multiple times.

The anti-Semitism is escalating.

The attack was caught on the shul’s CCTV system, and posted online by Yisroel Gotlieb, the son of the city’s Chief Rabbi Sholom Gotlieb.

The entire attack is on video:

Saturday’s attack was the 17th anti-Semitic attack in Ukraine since the year began.

Last week, flyers were distributed to people near a Synagouge in Donetsk (Which is right now a self proclaimed “republic”). Basically the flyers called for Jews to come and register their religion and property at the city’s offices, (for a 50USD cash payment). It further said that failure to do so would end in property confiscation and deportation.

The flyers were just provocation. The area’s rabbi said it was a fake.

It is not known if Russians or Ukrainians were behind the flyers but the message is frightening as it was meant to be. There are about 70,000 Jews in the Ukraine.

Lubny Ukraine, Jewish Children at the assembly point Oct 16 1941

Lubny, Ukraine, Jewish childen at the assembly point, October 16, 1941.

From The Jewish Press: On September 28, 1941, notices were posted informing all of the Jews of Kiev that they were to appear the following day, with all of their belongings, to a particular location. The next day, September 29, tens of thousands of Jews showed up at the designated location. They were marched to the forest, to the ravine known as Babi Yar. All of those Jews were stripped of their belongings and their clothing, and then shot. By the following day, more than 34,000 Jews were murdered. It was known as the Odessa massacre.

Do you feel confident that there won’t be a Hitler-style takeover?

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