Ultimate Betrayal! GOP Will Work with Schumer, Pelosi on Obamacare


The Senate will take a new approach to ObamaCare next week — bipartisanship. In other words, they will abandon repeal and replace.

Republicans are going to fix Obamacare.

Mitch McConnell knows Democrats will abandon the filibuster rule and allow passage of bills with a majority vote once they are back in office. Even so, he will not abandon it. Although Democrats never work with Republicans and lost the election, Republicans will give them what they want.

All committee memberships/charimanships could have been taken away from Murkowski, McCain and Collins to get the Obamacare bills passed but McConnell didn’t do it. Why?

It’s obvious.

Republicans have campaigned for years on promises to repeal ObamaCare, not to save it. We now know from Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, John McCain, Lamar Alexander, that they never intended to repeal and replace Obamacare. Eric Cantor admitted it was a lie and Mitch McConnell and Boehner didn’t want to fight it from the beginning.

Leftist Patti Murray and Paul Ryan worked on the horrendous budget bill in 2013, as the hill noted in today’s piece about the plan to fix Obamacare. They also suggested they might work well together on this.

Ryan gave away the store to Democrats on the budget bill in 2013.

“In this case, there’s a shared goal, there’s a shared recognition that there’s some things Congress can do to help stabilize premiums, help stabilize the market for the next plan year,” said one GOP aide, offering hope that a deal is achievable. “There wasn’t that kind of agreement the first half of the year on broader reforms and a broader repeal effort.”

That means continuing bailouts to insurance companies making large profits in many cases.

Members working on it include Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who opposed earlier GOP repeal bills as keeping too much of ObamaCare alive; and two liberal Republicans who helped sink the GOP’s repeal bill: Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Susan Collins (R-Maine). Leftists Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren(D-Mass.), both possible White House candidates in 2020, are also on the panel.

Sanders? Warren? Seriously?

Part of the plan is to do what they did with the budget. We don’t have budgets, we have spending bills. Bailouts to health insurance companies are currently on a month-to-month basis. Democrats want a several year plan of exactly that, just long enough to get them to the next Democrat leftist president.

Patti Murray explained what Democrats are up to: According to the hill, Murray is “cautiously optimistic we’ll be able to turn the page and treat the Affordable Care Act much as we’ve treated Medicare over the last decade — as a program that’s here to stay, that we can make bipartisan tweaks to and work together on.”

Obamacare isn’t health insurance, it’s healthcare welfare and wealth redistribution.

In the short term, Obamacare is temporarily saved and Republicans own it. The end result is communist single payer healthcare.

The odds are even against any plan because Democrats know they can blame Republicans for their disastrous Obamacare bill that is ruining our healthcare system.

This isn’t surprising. Look at what holds office in Congress. The Progressive caucuses are communists, socialists and liberal dupes, the black reps are mostly leftists, and the conservative caucus has been silenced though they too can push the envelope. We have Progressive Republicans like McCain who is so hate-filled towards President Trump he can’t do what is right on any issue.


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Robert M Nickerson
Robert M Nickerson
6 years ago

guess who`s NOT going to be re
lected next time !

6 years ago

We should recall history. The Republican party hasn’t been a party of small Government. Reagan was a Republican who believed in ‘somewhat’ small Government and had to fight his own Party on these matters.

It wasn’t until Gingrich came on the scene that a ‘national’ movement of small Government became a movement but only after much infighting. It wasn’t until this national movement not only gained steam, but resulted in the House governed by Republicans after a generation or more of Democrat control.

It only took a few years for many Republicans to return to their roots of the UniParty. Since that time, and after Gingrich left the Congress, there has been a decidedly steady return to this one party ideology. And now, we have those who so adamantly proclaimed their “Conservative Values” have shown, without doubt, they have none of those values. As with both parties, their concern is with wealth and power and the public be damned.

6 years ago

A lot of republicans are gullible enough to accept this, but many will abandon support for the party and there will be repercussions the next election. But, the senate elections are very skewed towards the republicans picking up seats. So, McConnell has no worries there, he can be as uncooperative of Trump as he wants and remain leader. The party is now in full defiance of the base and conservatives. We have not seen anything like this before.

6 years ago

Single payer has been the plan all along !!!