Uma Thurman Says Quentin Tarantino Tried to Kill Her


Kill Bill actress Uma Thurman told the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd that she was raped at age 16 by an actor twenty years older than her. She was also molested twice by Harvey Weinstein.

Her description of the two Weinstein assaults were similar to those of other countless female victims. Weinstein and Tarantino were close and worked together in mutually lucrative working relationships.

Her relationship with Weinstein was ruined by his assaults and it also affected her interactions with Tarantino. He went from calling her his muse to trying to kill her, she said, although he denied it.

The three worked together on the 1994 hit “Pulp Fiction” and all volumes of “Kill Bill” in the 2000s.

After the relationship with Weinstein was derailed, Tarantino pressured her into driving a rickety blue convertible she called a “deathbed” on the “Kill Bill” set.

She crashed into a tree and has permanent injuries as a result, affecting her neck and knees. When she confronted him for trying to kill her, she said he forcefully denied it.

The studio would not give her footage of the crash until 15 years later. They wanted her to sign a form exonerating them of liability. The crash, she said hurt her more deeply than the Weinstein assaults.

“Harvey assaulted me but that didn’t kill me,” she said. “What really got me about the crash was that it was a cheap shot.”

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