UMass PolySci Professor Doubles Down on Defending MS-13


Democrats have doubled down in their support for MS-13 since the President called them ‘animals’. This is despite the fact that MS-13 terrorizes the very immigrant community the left claims to care about. One assistant professor has taken the defense of these madmen to a whole new level.

A political science assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst named Professor Musgrave came out with what he believes is a strong defense of MS-13. We can’t call them ‘animals’ because it’s ‘racist’ and ‘dehumanizing’. That dehumanization will lead to ‘ethnic cleansing,’ he says.

The fact that MS-13 members are beheading people, stabbing them over a hundred times, ripping hearts out, raping young girls and forcing them into prostitution is not cause to call them animals apparently.

The far-left professor calls himself “Woke Progress Administration”. Apparently he is trying to be ‘cool’ with the whole ‘woke’ thing.

Professor Musgrave tweeted: “No, seriously, people, we are on the track to *official* ethnic cleansing. And, yes, it will be worse than what we’ve seen in the past several decades. And, yes, it can happen here. We are in grave peril.”

How does calling these horrible people ‘animals’ lead to ethnic cleansing? The left constantly dehumanizes anyone on the right but that’s okay.

Musgrave continues: It’s hard to sound the alarm without being written off as an alarmist, but if you think that American norms or institutions will somehow restrain the power of the state when deployed against those constructed as “the other” you are gravely, gravely mistaken. They will not.

And he knows it all to as you can tell from this tweet: If you think that you will be safe because the power of the state will be directed “outward”, you are either extraordinarily privileged (and therefore morally culpable) or deluded.

One might say he’s deluded.

What would woke professor say if we set about five of those human MS-13 loose on him?


Up next are a few of his retweets.

One Adam Server says it’s wrong to deny MS-13 their rights.

How is calling these violent monsters, ‘animals’, violating their rights? That seems a pretty big leap.

Then there is this Valerie person taking the ‘animal’s comment to heart, saying MS-13 are human. Actually, Valierie, humans are animals.

MS-13 even look like animals.

Here’s another favorite from Nick. Nick says it’s racist and intolerant, ignoring the whole vicious gang thingy.


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Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
5 years ago

We do not care if these “animals” are white, (nazis & democrats), black, brown, yellow or any color in the rainbow, you stupid asses, Just set up an M-60 Machine gun and slow walk them across. You people are the same people who would follow Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler and you have poop for brains. Amaziing & astonishing that there are people like the above who make such ignorant comments. Walk down the path and get your legs blown off and talk to me about the “Humanity” of the people who made and placed the hidden bomb. Tell me about the “humanity” of these “ANIMALS” who raped, stabbed &sliced the 14 year old girl, …..I am listening, you fools.