UN Climate Chaos Talks Slowed Because of Russia Not the US


GLOBAL-TAX-FOOLS1-300x224Photo of a menacing UN

Global warming, which is also known as climate change or climate chaos, is now in the hands of the UN who hope to prepare a “global response” to what they say is imminent catastrophe. As they make decisions about the future of each one of us, it is not the US objecting, it’s Russia.

The UN has been engaged in these climate talks for two decades and have succeeded in seizing control over what will be a lucrative venture for them since they plan to tax us all into oblivion.

Russia wants more clearly defined decision-making procedures. The procedures now are vague. The AP is upset with Russia for worrying about being left out of the decision making. Shame on Russia!

The AP claims that minor procedural concerns are getting in the way of saving the world from rising seas, more extreme weather events and other potentially catastrophic effects of climate changes.

Right! It’s the UN that will save us from the earth’s destruction. All those dictators and statists have our best interests at heart!

Never mind that the earth stopped warming in the late 1990’s and that didn’t stop the seas from rising. The science is no longer being discussed so that anomaly will not be looked at honestly. The statists have decided we know enough.

Story about Russia’s concerns on this link.


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