UN Group Pushes for Americans to Pay Reparations for Slavery


reparations now

An anti-American UN group is urging the US to address past slavery, police impunity and the crisis of racial injustice. They want us to pay reparations. One must wonder if Barack Obama is behind this in some way. It certainly is a great way to get out the vote.


The United Nations wants Americans to pay reparations for slavery. They want Americans who had nothing to do with slavery to pay off the descendants of slaves who were never slaves. The U.N. Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent also wants us to form a national human rights commission and acknowledge our slave trade as a crime against humanity.


There is a profound need to acknowledge that the transatlantic slave trade was a crime against humanity and among the major sources and manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance and that Africans and people of African descent were victims of these acts and continue to be victims of their consequences. Past injustices and crimes against African Americans need to be addressed with reparatory justice.

When are the Germans going to pay reparations to Jews, when are Turks going to pay remuneration to the Armenians, when are the British going to pay back the Irish and the East Indians, how about the slavery taking place now in the Middle East and Africa? After all this is taken care of, then we can have a conversation.

The UN came to this conclusion after meeting with black Americans and others from around the country, including Baltimore, Chicago, New York City, the District of Columbia and Jackson, Mississippi. Undoubtedly, BlackLivesMatter and other communist groups were involved.

After finishing their fact-finding mission, the working group was “extremely concerned about the human rights situation of African-Americans,” chair Mireille Fanon Mendes-France of France said in the report. “The colonial history, the legacy of enslavement, racial subordination and segregation, racial terrorism and racial inequality in the U.S. remains a serious challenge as there has been no real commitment to reparations and to truth and reconciliation for people of African descent.”

They also weighed in on the death of Michael Brown who tried to harm a policeman after robbing a store. They compared the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner to the lynchings of black men in the South. They didn’t mention that these lynchings were committed by Democrats.

The working group was shocked at what they found.

For example, “it’s very easy in the United States for African-Americans to be imprisoned, and that was very concerning,” said Sabelo Gumedze of South Africa.

Federal officials say 37 percent of the state and federal prison populations were black males in 2014.

They want us to erect markers and memorials for “past injustices.”

The current panel will give its final findings to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva in September.

There report lists endless grievances garnered right from the grievance industry itself: we don’t spend enough time in schools talking about slavery, we have food deserts, imprison innocent blacks, and on and on.

Three leftist women from the UN recently said they were shocked at how we treat our women. Our women are allegedly oppressed.

I say defund the UN! They are not our friends and seek to divide us more. Maybe we should take the money we give the UN and give that to the descendants of slaves.


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5 years ago

Why is it always about the Blacks? have we forgotten that there were White Slaves before there were black slaves?-
Search – White Slavery in American History – don’t just take MY story, there are plenty others. – YOU may be the relative of a White Slave. So don’t be racist Congress-it’s not just Blacks who were slaves-plenty whites were as well even here in the USA

The True History of White Slavery in America

(Before It’s News)

I truly pray for healing in the nation. I think if people learned the truth, they might find they have more in common with one another regarding the history of America than they realize. It does not take anything away from the suffering of blacks to know whites equally suffered. Yes, whites suffered as much if not more than blacks my friends. England is ruled by evil men and women. They had some real problems with their poor and suffering, and they decided to deal with this problem by simply making very minor crimes punishable by death or slavery. It was as if they were being kind to commute your death sentence for stealing a loaf of bread or and apple to enslavement on a plantation in the New World.

The Irish seemed to be targeted the most. Cromwell hated the Irish Catholics for their rebellion against the crown, and he decimated the Irish Catholic population and made hundreds of thousands of them slaves which sold for 5 shillings. To understand just what “trash” these subhumans were to their Masters, they valued black slaves much more highly and sold them for 50 shillings. One source said these Irish slaves were the lowest of slaves, and that if the black slaves felt they were being treated too harshly would complain and say, “You are treating us like Irish!”

Those who think Indentured servitude was sort of like the apprentice program some European countries have had even in the recent past, you could not be more confused. These people in the majority of cases were kept forever by their Master making up crimes and punishments and adding it to their years of service. If a female had a child it was the Master’s property for she was not married. The women would not leave their children and thus you can imagine how many Masters enjoyed their female slaves, got them pregnant and used them at will forever.

These whites were treated at auction just as Blacks. They were called “Christians” in papers. If a black were being sold they would say, “Negro”. They would rip apart families just as they did the black slaves. They would strip them naked and chained up on a platform for all the men to bid on them. These men would poke and prod them, examine their teeth, and buy all they wanted. At one time there were more white slaves in the American colony than there were colonists. One Governor of Virginia listed in his property holdings 2000 Negroes and 6000 Whites.

Negro slave ships were built for slaves. The Irish slave ships were just cargo ships. There is one account of the captain failing to procure enough food for the voyage for the slaves. He would not be paid for dead slaves if it was because of no food, so they “Lost them at sea”. Over 138 men, women and children were tossed into the sea. They were beaten to death, and it was nothing to their Masters, for they were cheap at 5 shillings. These white slaves were a difficult bunch and hard to control though and had many uprisings. The Masters slowly moved over to using more black slaves because they were more docile according to records. Britain did not outlaw taking white slaves until 1839. You see, this was a great way to get cheap labor for their Barbados sugar plantations, populate Australia, and other such ventures. They got rid of the problem of too many poor and not enough work in England. They still had issues of Kid nabbing which we now call kidnapping.

Many of those living in the Appalachian mountains and W. Virginia and Kentucky whom we call hillbillies, ignorant and backwards are the descendants of those white slaves. They were ashamed of their heritage but I wonder if the sting of that history does not affect them much as it has our black brothers and sisters even though it was so long ago. These are fiercely independent people who do not trust outsiders, hate the government and care not to “make it” in the outside world. Is it possible that the scars are the same? Can we ever heal? Slavery is not about race. It was about power and greed and the elite ruling classes abuse of that power.

It is said that the love of money is the root of all evil. Has that seed been sown so deeply in all of us that we are now ready to kill one another over economic gain? The elites have committed every atrocity, war, and barbaric deed out of this love for money. Are we coveting others belongings out of this ancient anger and scarred spirit that our eyes cannot see from whom this seed was sown? United we can overcome our masters.

Yes, they are our masters my friends. Don’t kid yourself. Every President but one is directly related all the way back to the aristocracy of England. The banks are owned by the elite Kenites masquerading as Jews. These people are the enemies of God. They hate God’s creation. They intend to control all of it, and they know just as God found out at Babel, that a united people are too powerful. So, they seek to sow hatred and mistrust amongst us by sex, race, religion, age, skills, education, an class. Please open your eyes my brothers and sisters, and I say that honestly. We have all been hurt. We all have reasons to continue in our bitter spirits, but we have a choice to come together, to heal, and to love one another despite these filthy Masters. They cannot stop us, but they are trying to keep us so busy. Let us prove them wrong and begin to treat one another with kindness, respect, and honor our common history and heritage.

Donna R Pevey
Donna R Pevey
5 years ago

I would just about be willing to say ok give them reparations if it will stop the madness. But that’s just it, it won’t. NOTHING will EVER be enough to undo what was done. And NOTHING will EVER be enough to stop using slavery as an excuse and a crutch.

6 years ago

Then why don’t we just send them back to the country in which their family members came from.

6 years ago

Everyone is pitted against each other over atrocities that none of us were alive to commit, nor be victim too. It’s just another tool the government uses to distract us all from the fact that we are all slaves. None of us have the rights or privalages that we are led to believe, and as long as main stream media (contolled by the government) continues to place articles like this in our faces just for the sole purpose of spawning hate, and race related arguments then they are free to continue there crime spree completely undetected. Wake up people…..racism is real, but its only a problem if you let it be. None of us alive are responsible for the actions of those before us, and shouldn’t be held accountable.

Mike Lorrey
Mike Lorrey
6 years ago