UN Migration Pact’s Said to Be Legally Binding on All Member States



According to a video clip on Vlad Tepes blog, the non-binding U.N. Global Migration Pact is legally binding after all. Angela Merkel explains on the tape that when two-thirds of the U.N. members agree to the pact, it’s binding. A total of 164 nations have signed it.

Allegedly, it’s binding even for states that didn’t sign.

“That’s how majority decision-making works,” Merkel said on the tape.

We have to caution here that the Sentinel does not have access to a translation of the full speech.

Merkel, who was brought up a communist in East Germany, had promised it was not legally binding.

Even if it is non-binding, nations will be pressured to abide by it. Most should see this for what it is. It is an attempt by the U.N. to erode national sovereignty. They would like to be the world’s global government.

As Jonathn Tobin wrote for National Review:

…they have no respect for the line between an obligation to respect the human rights of migrants and a right to cross borders regardless of the laws of the country being entered.

Sprinkled liberally throughout the document is language that implies rights of migrants, whether legal or illegal, to “family life,” privacy, legal identity, and even social services that have no basis in international law yet that could, in principle, override the laws of individual nations. Moreover, by recognizing migrants in this fashion — “regardless of their migration status” — the agreement blurs the distinction between refugees who are fleeing for their lives and those merely seeking entry to foreign nations for economic reasons.

They also make no distinction between hate speech and reasoned arguments.

The goal could be Totalitarian rule. This pact, if followed, will bring advanced nations down to the level of the most totalitarian regimes in the world as their people immigrate to the West.


A group of French military generals wrote an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron accusing him of committing “treason” by signing the U.N. migration pact.

The pact was said to not be legally binding at the time of the letter, but, either way, it calls for unlimited migration as a human right and criticism of it to be treated as hate speech.

The letter written by General Antoine Martinez and signed by ten other generals, an admiral and a colonel, as well as former French Minister of Defense Charles Millon, warns Macron that the move strips France of more sovereignty and provides an additional reason for “an already battered people” to “revolt”.

The letter accuses Macron of being “guilty of a denial of democracy or treason against the nation” for signing the pact without putting it to the people.

“The French state is late in coming to realize the impossibility of integrating too many people, in addition to totally different cultures, who have regrouped in the last forty years in areas that no longer submit to the laws of the Republic,” states the letter, adding that mass immigration is erasing France’s “civilizational landmarks”.

It is a totalitarian document

Isn’t it refreshing to have some people in authority finally tell the truth? It is treason and it is not a human right to invade another country at will.

British MEP Janice Atkinson said the UN pact would lead to Europe being flooded with 59 million new migrants within the next 6 years.

This is only the beginning of what will take place under socialism.

The pact, formed by socialists, will destroy the culture and laws of each nation. Why would the U.N. do it except to destroy what exists?

The hate speech laws could even lead to the term ‘illegal immigrants’ being made labeled hate speech.

That is already happening in the United States. I had a post removed from facebook for using the legal term ‘illegal aliens’. It was deemed too offensive.

Macron’s approval rating is at 18%. Who are the 18% who support him and what’s wrong with them?

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