UN Plans to Criminalize Free Speech Opposing Mass Migration


If you haven’t heard about the Global Compact on Mass Migration, you need to know about it. The only countries resisting are the United States and Hungary. The idea is that mass migration, with few restrictions, if any, is a human right, and any other view is racism and hate.


Dutch politician and European Parliament member Marcel de Graaff spoke of the global compact on mass migration and his hope to criminalize all opposition to it.

During a press conference, de Graaff spoke of the international conference in Marrakech, Morocco on Dec. 11 and 12 where the U.N. Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is to be signed. The pact is not binding but the purpose is to establish the principle of mass migration as a human right that cannot be criticized, much less opposed.

“One basic element of this new agreement is the extension of the definition of hate speech,” de Graaff said. The plan is to criminalize anti-migration speech.

In a speech given by the Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Andrew Gilmour in November, he said:

“Hate crimes against migrants are an especially unpleasant manifestation of what I see as an almost global backlash against human rights,” he states, tying sovereignty to an allegedly xenophobic, racist attack on the human right of mass migration.

We have written about this Orwellian and dangerous compact that even nations like Canada are signing. The media will not expose it or even discuss it.


The UN plan is to institute a Rabat six-part plan. In the plan, they tell the media they have to promote the migrants as a “moral and social responsibility”. But don’t worry, they expect the media to self-regulate and hope they don’t have to enforce. It’s all in ‘Objective 17″.

“In its Objective 17, the Global Compact commits States and other stakeholders to promote quality reporting by media outlets of migration-related issues and terminology, to investing in ethical reporting standards and advertising, and to stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination against migrants. These are crucial points we all need to build on.”

This is already happening in the media and in social media.

Gilmour writes further, “It is clear to us all that many media outlets are deliberately failing to promote the concept of common humanity”. The common humanity is another way of saying mass migration is a human right.

“Words obviously do matter: dehumanizing racist rhetoric frequently leads to hatred, tensions, violence, and conflict. It requires a greater effort from the international community to confront those in the media who seek to stir up hatred.”

Anything and everything is considered hate speech if it disagrees with them.

In other words, if you want borders and respect the sovereignty of nations, you are a hater.


The United Nations is tyrannical which should come as no surprise since it is overwhelmingly ruled by socialists, communists, despots, fascists, and other dictators.

The only thing that stands in the way of this compact is the United States and Donald Trump. We shouldn’t be giving a dime to the U.N. while they are trying to destroy the nations of the world.

While it sounds insane, it comes from the horse’s mouth. These globalists are the neo-communists, far worse than the old communists who killed about 100 million people.

When you hear Democrats speak about no walls, only bridges, this is exactly what they are talking about.

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