UN Secretary General Bashes Trump, Ignores Dictator Maduro


As the humanitarian crisis builds in Venezuela, the United Nation’s Secretary General Antonio Guterres is busy insulting President Trump. He didn’t even mention Venezuela or the brutality of the Maduro regime in his address.

Instead, during his opening speech at the High-Level Segment of the U.N. Human Right Council in Geneva, he complained that Trump’s comments on refugees linked to terrorism is poisoning social media.

First of all, they are not refugees, they are illegal aliens. Secondly, there are some terrorists coming across our borders.

He didn’t mention Trump by name but said he was alarmed that the “Hate speech is a menace to democratic values, social stability, and peace. It spreads like wildfire through social media, the internet, and conspiracy theories.”

While the discourse surrounding the movement of people has been “poisoned with false narratives linking refugees and migrants to terrorism and space-goating them for many societies ills,” Guterres added.

His comments are not surprising. The UN has been aiding and abetting the illegal aliens as they pour across our borders.

Meanwhile, the Maduro regime continues to abuse the countrymen, unnoticed by the UN, a worthless cabal of dictators.

The Maduro regime is out of control. They detained Univision anchor Jorge Ramos and his team and confiscated their equipment Monday. The reason is that they didn’t like Jorge’s questions. I never like Jorge’s questions either but using that as a reason is remarkably unacceptable. He and his team have since been released.

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