UN Will Help Give Thomas the Tank Engine a Sustainability Makeover


Thomas the Tank Engine at 73 years of age is getting a multicultural makeover, Sky News reports. The new Thomas will promote gender equality and sustainability.

Thomas the Tank will have a new name — Thomas, and Friends.

Ashima the train

The new Thomas and Friends will go international to achieve gender equality and represent a more multicultural set of characters within the show, according to Sky News.

However, there were always women trains so that statement is confusing.

The old Thoms the train

The children’s show will collaborate with the United Nations to promote Sustainable Development Goals. Much better to brainwash the little kiddies.

The left loves to give the UN a role in everything we do even though they hate us.

Female characters – described by producers as “strong girl characters” – include Isla, an Australian flying doctor plane; Noor Jehan, a royal express engine from India; Hong-Mei, a number one blue tank engine from China; and Charubala, a female railway controller from India.

Somehow the train will cross the oceans.

Leftists literally ruin everything they touch. This is just another way to promote their ideology with the very young.

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