UN Will Screen Central American Illegal Immigrants Who Will Now Be Called Refugees



The UN screens all our refugees from the Middle East and Africa. The UN aka the dictators’ club decides who will immigrate to the United States from that area of the world. We are trusting this organization of people who hate us to select our new Americans. It gets worse. They will now choose illegal immigrants from Central America and call them refugees.

Illegal immigrants are now being called “refugees”. The UN is going to set up processing centers in several Latin American countries under the pretense that this will stem the flood of families crossing the southern border illegally.

It’s being called the new refugee resettlement program and will be announced Wednesday by John Kerry.

These aren’t refugees. People fleeing poverty and and crime who are heading for our welfare state are not refugees, they are illegal immigrants.

They will declare them all refugees and will take them from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras and wherever else they decide should be on their list.

This was allegedly spurred on by Obama’s declaration that he would deport those illegals who were ordered out of the country because they are dangerous to public safety or national security. Democrats were “outraged” and demanded a new refugee program.

Democratic lawmakers said they were furious over the raids, which began on Dec. 31, when they said lawmakers were distracted by family and the holidays. Representative Luis V. Gutiérrez of Illinois accused the administration of beginning the raids “without consultation” with members of Capitol Hill.

Do you smell a rat?

After Democrats voiced their concerns, the administration decided to press for a formal refugee program.

This is similar to the sue & settle cases where the government and leftist environmental organizations work out an agreement they both want after the environmentalists sue the government. Only it’s the Democrats in Congress conspiring with Obama.

Representative Raúl M. Grijalva, Democrat of Arizona and a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said lawmakers objected to the wave of deportations in particular because they had received no notice about the arrests that the Obama administration was preparing. Some Democrats and advocates have asked the administration to offer a special protected status to Central American asylum-seekers already in this country, he said. Administration officials said this week that they had rejected this approach.

That’s great. Grijalva, who is tied to communists, wants protected status. The only ones who aren’t protected are citizens.

How is it that the UN is selecting the illegals and not Congress, our elected representatives? Have they even said a word in opposition?

In summation, you have several Central American countries that have corrupt governments that can’t stem crime, so America takes their people? Running ID checks through databases does little to nothing. These countries don’t have computerized databases, and even if they did, they wouldn’t assist. They enjoy seeing America take their poverty stricken.

Just imagine a UN worker that is a gang expert, go ahead keep imagining!

We will import their culture with them. Obama has put us on the path to becoming a socialist banana republic. The damage our socialist president has done is immeasurable.

h/t Bob Trent

Source: NY Times