Unabashed Obama Liars Caught on Video


Obamacare is under fire thanks to four lawsuits contesting the federal government paying out subsidies contrary to the law as written. Two conflicting appeals court rulings will bring it to the Supreme Court.

Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of Obamacare, who was paid $400,000 for his contribution, has filed an amicus brief on behalf of the government, swearing that the government always meant for the federal government to pay out subsidies.

The problem is he is lying and told the truth twice in 2012. His words in 2012 actually support the case against the government.

Jonathan Gruber

Jonathan Gruber – in 2012 – clearly said that if the federal government had to set up the exchange, they would not provide subsidies.

The federal government wants the states to set up the exchanges, he said, and is putting the squeeze on the states. If the state doesn’t set up the exchanges, the citizens won’t get the subsidies – tax credits – but they will pay the tax bill, Gruber affirmed.

“I hope that’s a blatant enough reality…,” he said at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco in January, 2012. He is actually on two different tapes saying this.

He is now lying, claiming the law always intended to provide subsidies through the federal government if the states didn’t.

Josh Earnest was asked about it at Friday’s press briefing. He defended Gruber’s lie.

Josh Earnest

“I think that Mr. Gruber has said by his own analysis and predictions, he had always assumed that all eligible individuals would get tax credits whether or not they are state market places run by federal officials or local officials, Josh Earnest told the press on January 25th.

The videos of Jon Gruber were uncovered by Rich Weinstein who we will hear a lot more about in coming days. He blogs at Colossus.

It’s possible Gruber always assumed that the federal government could ignore the law and pay the subsidies. That could be what he means. The Democrats in office don’t seem to think the law matters. Barack Obama doesn’t follow the law, why should any of them take the law seriously?

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