Unabated Invasion of Italy with Tens of Thousands of Africans Every Few Days


Migrants sit in a boat during a rescue operation by the Italian navy off the coast of Sicily on Nov. 28.

If you want to talk invasion, talk Italy. On Tuesday, 8,500 African migrants reached the Italian shores aboard 14 different ships, adding to the 5,000 who arrived on Monday. This is going on continuously and no one seems to care.

This is a true invasion. The immigration of these migrants increased 30% in a few months. Italy expects 400,000 in the ensuing weeks alone. These people aren’t refugees, they’re economic freeloaders and some are terrorists.

Italy’s migrant centers are said to be in a state of collapse. These so-called migrants are coming from all parts of Africa and they are almost all Muslims. They have nothing in common with Italians.

These are huge waves of African migrants taking advantage of the temperate climate to make the crossing from Libya to the Italian peninsula.

How many terrorists are included? Many, no doubt.

Local media as well as politicians call it an authentic immigrant “invasion” exceeding the country’s capacity of assimilation.

Before this influx, officials reported that more than 65,000 migrants had arrived since the beginning of the year. The vast majority will remain in Italy.

The invasion is unabated and no one in the EU or in Italy is attempting to stop it

The head of Italy’s Northern League party, Matteo Salvini, expressed his frustration in a tweet to his followers, noting that Tuesday’s arrival of 8,500 illegal immigrants onto Italian soil was “f*cking enough.”

“This complicit government will do nothing,” he wrote, “so it’s up to us to use every (licit) means we can,” while adding the hashtag #stopinvasione.

Italy’s national anti-mafia and counterterrorism prosecutor, Franco Roberti, has acknowledged that this new wave of landings poses its own dangers, and constitutes “a threat to national security.”




Check out Mr. Salvini’s Facebook posts, especially the one below. If you’re looking to thank someone for this invasion, send out a hat tip to Angela Merkel and George Soros.

Google translation from Italian:

Listen, padova is awakens with the singing of Islamic Muezzin! This is crazy! Padovani, today until 23, there is a train that no longer passes! All voting #bitoncisindaco before it becomes padovanistan!
P.S. and in all other common common #iovoto #bastapd! Come on!

We’re just glad here at the Sentinel that we have all gotten to see Italy before it turns into a fifth world hellhole of terrorists and exploiters.

h/t Breitbart

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